Money-Laundering Scheme Benefiting Democrats Uncovered by James O’Keefe


James O’Keefe did not allow his forced departure from Project Veritas to stop him. O’Keefe Media Group, his new journalism company, just released a video showing evidence of what O’Keefe describes as a “money-laundering” scheme for the Democrats. Based on Federal Election Commission records, some individuals appear to have donated thousands of dollars over a short time period to ActBlue or Biden for President.

O’Keefe started by stating that FEC data showed that senior citizens in the U.S. were donating thousands of dollars per year. “Some of these people’s names and addresses are attached with contributions exceeding $200,000.” To verify the data we received from Election Watch in Maryland, we knocked on some of their doors. O’Keefe then visited someone who was listed as having donated over $217,000 through 12,000 contributions. Over three years, this money was set aside for different entities by ActBlue leftist platform. O’Keefe said that some of the donations were made with variants of the name and address of the donor.

O’Keefe stated that the data he had obtained were both state and FEC data. We are curious if the donors were victims of a money-laundering scam or if residents participated in the scheme. We’re calling, knocking on doors, and making phone calls. These are things you can do, we hope that you do.” O’Keefe stated that there are “bizarre amounts” of data on individuals and homes that have donated thousands of dollars. He asked others to assist him in his investigation.

The first person shown opening the door to O’Keefe, a Marylander listed as donating $32,000 in 3,000 different contributions, said he was unaware of the donations but advised O’Keefe as a solution to hit Donald Trump “with a bat.” The man added, “I want to see a scar on his f**king head. Now stop f**king with me,” and slammed the door.

Cindy, another donor, was alleged to have donated $18,000 in more than 1,000 donations to ActBlue in 2022. This would require Cindy to donate “three times per day, every day for the entire year.” Cindy, no. I don’t believe so. I wish I could’ve donated $18,000 to Biden.

Carolyn Lenz in Tucson, Ariz. told OMG that she had “absolutely not” donated $170,000+ for ActBlue over 18,000 times. After looking at the data, she insisted that the donations weren’t hers. She said she had donated multiple times per day, sometimes in $5-$15 increments. Lenz stated that they must be fraudulent.

Finally, there was an elderly man from the suburbs of D.C. who donated over 31,000 times to ActBlue. The elderly man claimed that he did not believe he had given to ActBlue. He said, “No, that is not us.” Although he acknowledged his wife may have donated to ActBlue, he stated, “nowhere close” to $230,000. His wife estimated that she gave less than $1,000 per year, which is far below the $230,000 FEC total. O’Keefe stated to the couple that it appeared that someone else could be committing a crime using your address. O’Keefe replied in his usual confident style, “That’s exactly what I do sir.”

O’Keefe stated that a lawsuit was filed against the U.S. District Court of Maryland over the evidence. However, the problem is not limited to Maryland as the video above shows. What is the real story? O’Keefe only discovered a money-laundering scheme by the Democrats. We hope that more evidence will soon be available.