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Few hours after a painting showing Bill Clinton in female clothing was revealed,NYPD officer who disclosed Epstein was murdered found dead…..

In a new report through foreign intelligence service circulating today (SVR) in the kremlin shows information is still been taken from a New York police Dept. futuristic “Minority Report” computer system keeping track of all of its police officers—known as the Risk Assessment Information Liability System (RAILS) that interfaces with the crisis Response system controlled by global tech giant Facebook has shown that the senior police officer who disclosed “Epstein’s neck was snapped” have been found dead with a bullet in his head in what appears to most likely be suicide.

An assessment confirmed shortly after this NYPD senior officer was suicided shockingly vindicated his earlier claims that an autopsy  showed Epstein’s neck bones were indeed broken—thus further confirming that the main suspect in Epstein’s now proven murder remains former President Bill Clinton.


Seems the victim had a very close and unusual relationship with the former POTUS  and was ready to indict him in a confession schedule to happen in less than 48hrs before his apparent murder.

Bill Clinton who have been further humiliated after  it was revealed that Epstein had a painting of him wearing a blue DRESS and red heels lounging in the White House Oval Office inside his $56 million pedophile lair Manhattan mansion.

Over the past few hours, The Washington Post cited credible sources stating that the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein showed he had sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones—most important among them his hyoid bone—that in men is near the lump or protrusion that is formed by the angle of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx  called the Adam’s Apple—and is protected by the Mandible but obfuscate their facts by piling in a number of references citing, but not linking to, a few scientific studies discussing how broken neck bones could or could not mean one was strangled or committed suicide—a garbled mess of facts one would expect coming from a “Deep State” aligned mouthpiece that in this article refered to Epstein as a “financier”, instead of the convicted child sex slaver he actually was.

As to why the “Deep State” and its aligned mainstream media mouthpieces are seeking to confuse the American people this report explains, is to keep hidden from a basically uneducated populace such facts as ounce for ounce, bone is stronger than steel—with one cubic inch of bone being able to withstand the weight of five standard pickup trucks—and facts such as a premier US scientific study finding it took a mean force of 30.55 Newtons to just fracture a hyoid bone—which equates to a little over 135 pound force needed to just fracture this bone—and equates near exactly with the 178 pounds force measured in short power jabs—which is the most likely cause of Epstein’s murder as, according to the definitive human neck breaking guide called the Official Table of Drops, his 181 pounds of weight would have needed a free-fall drop of at least 7-feet before any bones in his neck would break—an impossibility as the prison cell Epstein was held in is a “12-by-20-foot cell in what amounts to a toilet with bars and a slab to sleep on”—as so documented by the attorneys of Mexican drug lord El Chapo who occupied a prison cell in the same unit Epstein was discovered dead in.

So they people,there’s alot more happening than the media carries………….

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