More Info on Biden Classified Documents and Who Else Was Connected to the Center


More information has been released about the classified documents found in Joe Biden’s office at Penn Biden Center. The bombshell doesn’t just possibly touch Joe Biden.

A private lawyer was closing down the Penn Biden Center office when he found the documents. If Biden hasn’t worked for Penn since his campaign for the presidency, why are they closing down the office in November 2022?

A manila folder was marked “personal” by the lawyer. The lawyer opened it and discovered classified documents inside. According to a source, the lawyer sealed the envelope and called NARA. According to a source, the envelope contained 10 classified documents, including U.S. intelligence memos, briefing materials, and U.S. intelligence memos. The documents pertain to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom. They were dated from 2013 to 2016, according to ABC. The classified documents were also found in unclassified papers in three to four boxes.

According to the source, most of the boxes found in the office contained materials that were related to personal Biden family items, such as Beau Biden’s funeral arrangements.

You will be surprised at what the source does not say about whether the documents were secure.

Is it really that secure, especially since it’s a public structure? And if it’s in Biden’s old office, where he hasn’t been in some time? Biden claimed that he didn’t know they were there. If we believe him, it would mean that he didn’t know what happened to classified documents or how they ended up in his office. What other documents might he have kept in his homes and offices? Who could have had access?

Since Biden opened the Penn Biden Center in 2018, at least 10 high-ranking officials from the Biden administration have worked there. These included Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Under Secretary for Defense for Policy Colin Kahl. White House counsel Steven Richetti was also a Penn Biden Center employee. Richetti and Blinken were the Center’s managing directors, while Kahl served as a strategic consultant.

Spencer Boyer was also a senior associate; Jeffrey Prescott was the U.S. ambassador in New York; Ariana Berengaut was a senior advisor to the national security advisor; Michael Carpenter was the U.S. representative at the organization for security cooperation and in Europe; Juan Gonzalez was a special assistant of the president; and Carlyn Reichel was the director of communications at Penn Biden Center.

Brian McKeon was a senior think tank director and was deputy secretary of state in charge of management and resources from last month.

We also noted that the National Legal and Policy Center (a watchdog group for the government) filed a complaint to the Department of Justice in Oct 2020 regarding the lack of transparency in the funding of the Center. This raised many questions about the millions of Chinese donations to the University of Pennsylvania.

James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee (Republican from Kentucky), has requested that the White House turn over all communications and records relating to classified material by January 24, 2019.