More Trouble for Warnock as New Info Drops in Eviction Scandal


During the last week’s debate, Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-GA, denied that his Ebenezer Baptist Church had been evicting tenants from a building that belonged to the Church. However, that same Church pays him a $7417-per-month housing allowance. Herschel Walker hit him with that accusation and offered to pay the rent for the people being evicted.

Warnock tried to clarify the matter, claiming that there had been no evictions.

First, it wouldn’t change that they wanted to evict people for small sums during the pandemic. Think about how that would change the nature of the situation or the hypocrisy surrounding the scandal. He also attacked Republican candidates for not supporting rent moratoriums.

Second, Warnock’s statement is false, as Andrew Kerr, Free Beacon reporter, explained.

Warnock lies. Since 2020, 12 eviction suits have been filed against the residents of the church-owned building. Some of the people sued paid more than 2 months rent and court fees to remain in their homes. Two lawsuits led to court-ordered expulsions.

So Warnock lies to Georgians.

Kerr also mentioned that Warnock was the chief officer of Ebenezer Building Foundation, which owns the building. It is managed by Ebenezer Baptist Church.

It gets worse.

They have been trying to expel people for very little amounts, who are barely late. The building itself appears to be a hellhole.

Raphael Warnock’s church owns a low-income apartment block. Residents claim that the building is plagued with pests, maintenance issues, and filth. At least two people have filed lawsuits against the building since the elevator collapsed.

Columbia Tower residents at MLK Village expressed concerns about their living conditions. They told the Washington Free Beacon that trash is left in storage rooms for days creating an “overwhelming garbage smell,” common areas are neglected, and the air vents create a “sickening amount” of dust.

Tenants reported that elevators frequently fail, and residents with disabilities have had to call 911 to get their rooms moved.

The Free Beacon also provides additional information on Warnock

According to records obtained from the Free Beacon, Warnock is the senior pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Through a charity called the Ebenezer Building Fund, it owns 99 per cent of Columbia Tower. It is not clear what Warnock was responsible for overseeing Columbia Tower. According to a repair grant filed by Ebenezer Building Foundation in June, Warnock said that he “work closely” with Ebenezer’s executive pastor “in managing overall vision, ministries and operations of the church.”

We reported that Georgia opened an investigation into Ebenezer Building Foundation. They don’t have a registered charity for their charity but are operating in Georgia. To audit the situation regarding the Church and shell companies that hide ownership, a watchdog group also filed a complaint to the IRS.

We have already noted that despite efforts to evict people in small numbers and the horrible alleged conditions of the building, millions in federal and state funding were given for the care of homeless people.

Khalid Kamau, the Democratic mayor in South Fulton, Georgia said that Raphael Warnock’s dishonesty regarding the church evicting tenants made it “a little queasy”.