Morning Joe Says OPEC Spit In Biden’s Face On Oil


“Morning Joe,” a crew of journalists, described OPEC’s decision as “spitting in President Joe Biden’s face” and claimed it would be detrimental to Democrats in the midterm elections.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced Wednesday that it will be dramatically decreasing the oil output despite Biden’s call for them to increase production to lower gas prices.

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s host, and Steve Rattner, his guest, discussed the implications of the decision on the upcoming elections.

You have to look at the timing of it, one month before an electoral election. “You look at the fact Joe Biden was criticized for visiting the Saudi leader. He is, of course, charged with murdering a Washington Post columnist. This is what he gets one month before the election,” Scarborough said.

This is what he does when Vladimir Putin is at his heels. What do you think about Biden’s attempts to reach Saudi Arabia? And how basic is Biden’s response? He asked.

Rattner wasn’t optimistic when asked what Democrats could do to lower gas prices before the election.

“So, the sad news for the White House between now and election is that there really isn’t much they can do,” he said, adding that it was “not great” for Democrats.

Biden responded to OPEC’s snub by announcing another oil release from the country’s Strategic National Reserves in the hope of easing the price pressure.