Most Americans Say it Is Time To End The Mask Mandates on Airlines


    According to polling done by Scott Rasmussen and detailed by America First Policy Institute: Most Americans think it’s time to eliminate mask mandates for airlines.

    Federal officials announced Wednesday that they had extended the federal mask mandate. This means that Americans will have to wear masks for two more weeks on buses, trains, planes and other public transport modes. Although the mandate was due to expire on April 18, many were skeptical as the Biden White House continued to extend it time and again throughout his presidency. This is yet another reminder of the president’s inability to keep his promise of 100 days of masking.

    Americans are tired of masking, especially on airlines. The survey found that 53 percent of national voters believe it’s time to eliminate mask mandates for airlines. Only 40 percent disagree. Moreover, 72 percent of “flying regularly” want the mask mandate to be ended.

    This sentiment is shared by many people, not just the general population. Over the past weeks, airline leaders have been stating that mask mandates are unfair and outdated.

    “It is absurd that people are required to wear masks on planes but are allowed to congregate at crowded restaurants, schools, and sporting events without masks,” stated a March letter sent by the Airlines for America (A4A Board of Directors) to the Biden White House.

    Leaders of the airline companies made it clear that this mandate was putting an undue burden upon employees who now have to enforce it.

    They are not trained for this job and face daily challenges from frustrated customers. They explained that this in turn causes them to suffer from poor health.

    Nevertheless, the plea did not have an impact on the decision of the Biden administration. Officials continue to extend the mandate using “science” as an excuse.