Mother and 9-Year-Old Daughter Brutally Axed to Death by Relative


WNBC reported that a mother and her 9-year-old daughter were found dead in their home. They had been allegedly killed with an axe, by a member of their family.

Atasha Scott, a family member of WABC’s, said: “She told him she wanted him to leave. He says he will leave by the end of the month.”

“But he did not leave, and decided to kill them.”

Everoy J. Morrison, 44, was arrested in Maryland after Keisha Morrison (45) and her daughter Kelsey (9), were found dead in their Roselle home.

Scott told WABC that Everoy Morrison had killed his sister-in-law and niece with an axe, and fled the scene in Keisha’s car.

Scott told WNBC that “It looked like someone was trying to clean the blood up off the floor because it was swirled around.”

Scott added that Everoy Morrison had recently been asked to leave the home after living there for two years in the basement because he was “down on his luck.” Scott declined to provide specifics, saying simply that Keisha and the girls were “uncomfortable” with him being in the home.

Scott says Morrison, after bludgeoning Keisha and Kelsey to death with an axe, wrapped their bodies in sheets and stuffed them under his niece’s bed.

Gary Morrison, husband, and father of victims said to have rushed home when he received a phone call from one of his older daughters. When his older daughters woke up in the morning, they found blood on Kelsey’s bedroom walls. According to reports, the older girls were scared and hid in another room when their uncle was upstairs.

Gary Morrison found his wife, daughter, and a bloody knife under the mattress when he arrived.

According to Inside Edition, Everoy Morrison is Gary Morrison’s half-brother.

Everoy Morrison was arrested in Maryland a few hours later, driving Keisha’s BMW. He is currently being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center for charges of the stolen vehicle. He is waiting for extradition to New Jersey where charges have not yet been filed.

Rosie, a neighbor, told the outlet that she was in the military and found it difficult to witness the incident. She said, “I will never get used to this.”

Kelsey would have celebrated her 10th birthday in a little over a week on Sunday.