Mother Sues LAUSD After Son Received COVID-19 Vaccine Without Her Consent


California mother Sues LAUSD after her son, 13, was given COVID-19 in exchange for pizza without the mother’s consent.

The 13-year-old attended the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy, South Los Angeles. After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at school, the teenager returned home with a vaccination card.

Maribel Duarte, a mother of the teenager, said:

“The lady who gave him the shot and signed his paper said to my son …’ Please don’t say any. “I don’t want any trouble.

The lady was aware that she had done wrong by giving the vaccine to the teenager without her mother’s consent but gave it anyway.

Duarte continued:

“It was painful to know that he received a shot without my consent… He has asthma and allergies problems.”

She said that while she supports the COVID-19 vaccination, her son has asthma and allergies, so she decided not to give it to him.

She stated that her son has a bleeding disorder and the doctor didn’t recommend the COVID-19 vaccination.

Nicole Pearson, Duarte’s lawyer, said.

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not an anti-vax case. This is about parental rights and having the ability to protect your child.

Pearson tried to contact the LAUSD many times but was unsuccessful.

LAUSD is now suing the mother for her stupid decision to vaccinate her 13-year-old son without parental consent. The mother of the teenage boy stated that her son was suffering side effects from the vaccine during a Wednesday news conference. Everyone reacts to the shot differently, so it should be a personal choice, especially for minors.

Duarte stated:

He is short of breath, doesn’t sleep well, and doesn’t exercise as much as he used to. I find him to be not normal.

Duarte said that the 13-year-old was instructed to sign his name in order to receive the shot.

LAUSD issued this statement:

Los Angeles Unified doesn’t usually comment on pending, threatened, or ongoing litigation matters.

Parents across the country should find this unacceptable. Parents should not consent to vaccines being administered in any school or district. LAUSD was able to pull this off. Other school districts can, too.