MSNBC Spreads Controversial Narrative of Non-Whites Being White Supremacists


Mauricio Garcia, who is not Caucasian, shot up a shopping mall north of Dallas. The corporate media immediately seized the opportunity to promote the narrative that the shooting was a White Supremacist Hate Crime.

There is no official explanation, as others have noted, for the Tennessee transgender gunman who, after writing a manifesto presumably full of LGBTQ+ propaganda, shot up an entire school.

The manifesto is not yet available for public review. We all know, of course, that if the manifesto contained white supremacist dogma as opposed to LGBTQ+, law enforcement would have leaked the document to the media without delay — likely on the day of the attack.

The narrative of White Supremacy had been established within hours after the Dallas shootings, even before the corpses were cold.

The shooting began on May 6, 2023, at 3:36 pm Central Daylight Time. The New York Times reported that the gunman “may have been a white supremacist,” according to two officials.

MSNBC invited Kristofer GOLDSMITH, owner of an “open-source intelligence company specializing in detection and disruption” of the greatest threats to democracy today: disinformation campaigns.

Sounds fancy. He could have saved a few characters by writing “proud Deep State Goon,” but it might be a bit on the nose.

You have to admire his hustle for turning a four-year standard military stint into a career and landing a coveted cable news spot with Katie Phang.

Look at me, Mom! “I made it!”

There is a common misconception that white nationalists must be white. Phang asks: “But let’s take a look at Hispanic White Nationalists. What have you observed in terms of non-whites becoming advocates for white supremacist views?”

“The Latinx identity is incredibly complex,” Goldsmith begins. “It is not exclusively a race.” (By “complex,” perhaps he means “entirely manufactured out of thin air.” There is no organic “Lateenks” identity.) “It creates a lot of room for extremist views like white supremacy.”

Goldsmith’s “nonprofit”, Task Force Butler Institute, has partnered previously with the Poynter Institute – funded by Bill Gates – as well as scam “fact-checking” organization Politifact.