Musk Blasts ‘The New Woke Times’ as ‘Unreadable’ After Controversial Claim That Photography Is Racist


The Lego Movie’s “Everything Is Awesome” is a catchy song that you might remember. I think the New York Times has its version of the song in the newsroom, titled “Everything is Racist!!!”

This is their latest attempt at removing all the fun from everything they can:

Racial Bias in Photography

Sarah Lewis examines the relationship between racism and the camera.

You don’t need to read the article to understand the message. Just by looking at the headline, you know that white people are going to face accusations of something bad. This is the narrative that outlets like the NYT constantly push these days. Now, they claim that the act of taking a photo to look nice is racist. Sure.

Elon Musk, the owner of X/Twitter is sick of all this:

It is not surprising that the article was written by a Harvard University professor, an institution that has been destroying its centuries-old reputation in recent years. Her beef? Sometimes, people with darker skin need to be photographed or filmed differently than those who are lighter. She becomes agitated because a producer noticed that her jacket’s color would make it difficult to light her; could she get a new one?

How dare they!!

“We have a serious problem.” The technician, who was at the rear of the amphitheater auditorium with 1,000 people, said that your jacket was lighter than the face. The technician, who was in charge of the lighting and video recording for the event, said: “That will be a problem.”

The auditorium reverberated with an odd comment, an obvious statement that sounded as if it was accusing someone of wrongdoing. One technician next to me stopped adjusting the microphone and moved in place. The phrase hung on the air and I laughed to diffuse the tension.


“Well, everything is lighter than my face. I’m black.”

She goes on to explain why the question was so hurtful. Her tantrum was so absurd because everyone who poses for a picture or faces a camera should be aware of their clothing and how they look on film. Wearing a white shirt in bright sunlight can make it hard to expose the film correctly. Avoid shirts with small patterns, as they will strobe. Newscasters–successful ones anyway–are always aware of what colors look good on them, and some even hire consultants to find out their “color temperature.”

Backstage offers some advice on how to take a great headshot:

When it comes to your headshot, the color of your outfit can make or break your appearance. Avoid wearing clothes that blend in with your skin color or wash you out.

White, light yellow, pale pink and other pastel colors will make your skin lighter.

Darker skin: Avoid dark browns, blacks, and colder shades of blue, such as navy.

Is this racism? Is it possible that they are just trying to help?

The author then gives a dull history of film technology, and how some brands of films are better for capturing darker faces. It’s all well and good, but it’s not about racism. It’s about scientific advancement. It would be counterproductive to a photographer’s career to try to make someone look bad. Good photographers will do everything they can to ensure you look great.

The Times isn’t alone in trying to promote division.

Today, progressives and academics are trying to achieve two goals: 1) make everything about race and 2) remove the joy from every aspect of your life.

Now, the entire field of photography has become racist. The Times has done a good job.

Some people will say we don’t care about the New York Times because they are a shell version of themselves and their old selves. We need to know what we are up against. That’s why I and other critics of the corporate mainstream media. We must fight, denigrate, and expose this. It’s important to speak out when race-baiting garbage is published in a major paper.

Now I’m feeling down and need to be cheered up.