Musk Wants Him Back, but Trump Has Millions of Reasons to Stay off Twitter


Trump supporters want him to resume tweeting after Elon Musk lifted the ban. The Donald has stated in advance that he doesn’t intend to resume tweeting after Elon Musk lifted his ban.

Elon Musk clearly wants Trump back.

Trump has many good reasons not to return to the fold.

Truth Social is a social media platform owned privately by Trump Media & Technology Group. It was banned from most social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The NY Post reports that Trump had to make deals to get the app off the ground.

TMTG has signed an agreement with Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special-purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC), that was created to make Trump’s company public.

Semafor was told by a legal expert that if Trump’s company goes public and he uses Twitter to devalue Truth Social, give his millions of followers an excuse for abandoning the platform and returning to Musk, shareholders can sue him.

Clay Travis is a radio host who doesn’t think that this will stop him.

Trump’s agreement states that he is “generally obliged” to post any social-media posts on Truth Social, but not on another site for six hours. This adds complexity.

Eric Talley, a Columbia Law School Professor, said to Semafor “He did not intend to stay off Twitter, but that he wanted people to believe they should close the SPAC agreement. ”

Trump’s tweets are unique in their novelty, immediacy, and value. Trump would have said something newsworthy if Truth Social were based in America.

Trump said that Trump won’t be returning because he is worried about the future.

“I heard that we’re getting large votes to also return on Twitter,” Trump said that he did not see the reason for this and didn’t have any evidence.

He stated, “It may, or it might not make it,” possibly referring to Twitter’s recent internal turmoils.

Another factor is the fact that many people would interpret Trump’s tweeting resume as an admission of Truth Social’s failings.

Trump currently has 87.6 million followers on Twitter and 4.62 million on Truth Social.

One result: Donald, coauthor of the book Trump. The Art of the Deal works his deal-making magic in order to find a way to get tweeters smacked without needing to pay.

Donald Trump was Twitter’s best friend. I would love to meet him again. It would be incredible to see them both uttering their truths every day.