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President Trump ealier this week called for the resignation of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) after the House Intelligence Committee Chairman kicked off a Thursday hearing with a completely fabricated version of a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainan President Volodomyr Zelensky.


Trump accused Schiff of lying to the Congress and “fraudulently” reciting a version of the call that made it “sound horrible” and made the president appear “guilty.”
Trump was referring to a moment at the outset of Thursday’s congressional hearing with the acting intelligence chief during which Schiff described Trump as saying on the call that he would tell Zelensky “seven times” to “make up dirt on my political opponent.”

“Rep. Adam Schiff fraudulently read to Congress, with millions of people watching, a version of my conversation with the President of Ukraine that doesn’t exist,” adding “He was supposedly reading the exact transcribed version of the call, but he completely changed the words to make it sound horrible, and me sound guilty.”

“Adam Schiff therefore lied to Congress and attempted to defraud the American Public. He has been doing this for two years. I am calling for him to immediately resign from Congress based on this fraud!”

Top GOP Leader Rep. McCarthy previously said in a tweet back in March 2019, that nine committee members called for the resignation of Adam Schiff, for reasons related to lying to Americans


Schiff has been lying for a long time and it finally time Congress does something about it…
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  1. Unfortunately a Dem House will never move to impeach even though Schiff intentionally lied. On the other hand if a Repub was even thought of as guilty they would vote immediately. One has to wonder when Congress stopped working for the people and started working for themselves.

  2. Pinocchio’ nose grew longer when he lied, Shifty Schiff’s eyes grow bigger with lies. Please get isolate him from decent people in a prison.

  3. That is so beyond be removed and charged you start holding people accountable for their misdeeds there be fewer of them both ways!!!

  4. I’m so glad President Trump raised the issue of Adam Schiff’s lying & has given an executive order for him to resign. In addition, all of the members of the intelligence committee asked for his resignation from the committee due to lying. This behavior is completely unacceptable.It is also damaging to Congress as a whole & it is not only dangerous to American security, it is morally wrong to so egregiously misrepresent the president of the United States. The American people are tired of having their president maligned for no reason every single day. There are many others who had better take heed because I think their time of lawlessness is coming to an end, at least I hope so. Trump/Pence 2020!

  5. Schiff is a great start! I’d like to see Pelosi and Nadler follow.. quickly.
    They’ve done ‘nothing’ but spread b.s. and try to divide the PEOPLE!
    The purse strings need to be tied and cut under this house..
    They waste hard earned taxpayer money on HATE and DIVISION
    They make ‘everything’ political and nothing for the good of the USA!

  6. Get that PENCIL neck bug EYED squirrel out. Arrest him and all of the other anti-americans out of government. WE THE pro-american TAX payers should demand this

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