(must see) HILLARY’S ’ “Inside Man” Revealed Amid 2020 Presidential Election


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Hilary Clinton just never gives up as fresh reports suggest that she has backed her Former Secretary of State to win the Democratic presidential nomination. The Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is reportedly developing a close political friendship that might prove pivotal to deciding the Democratic presidential nomination. Hilary Clinton have been in touch with  Warren since she announced her decision to seek the Democratic nomination last February, NBC News reported on Saturday.

An anonymous source close to NBC told the media outlet that the two had conversed at least once since Warren’s announcement, while another could recall a recent, substantive conversation that was basically planned at Ousting President Trump. “That has clearly not gone unnoticed, and I think she really appreciates that,” the source told NBC. “Hillary Clinton would absolutely have influence over a number of delegates to this convention,” Deb Kozikowski, the vice-chairwoman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, told NBC, referring to the possibility that Clinton could help Warren secure delegates if there is no clear nominee heading into the Democratic National Convention next summer. The fact remains that no matter who Hilary Clinton throws at Trump they wouldn’t still stand a chance against him, Only last week Mrs Gillibrand made an early exit out of the race because she finally realized she stood no chance at achieving her aim.

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  1. Will Warren run as native American or just plain old white woman. With all the lies democrats tell i think she can pull it off that she is native American the democrat vote will believe anything they say. Just remind them of the high cheek bones should do the trick

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