N.Y. Legislature Votes to Codify Abortion in State Constitution, Goes to Voters in 2024


A mere ten days after hundreds of thousands marched in Washington, D.C. for life, the New York legislature vowed to promote death. According to Politico, the legislature passed a resolution codifying abortion rights in the state constitution on Jan. 24, with a large majority. The state motto “Excelsior”, which I take to mean increasing the number of unborn children being killed, is probably referring to the state motto.

LifeNews explained that in order to amend the New York Constitution the language must be passed by the state legislature in two sessions, and then a majority vote of voters must approve. The legislature appears to be unsure about voter approval in leftist New York because the amendment will not appear on the ballot this fall but it will be up for a vote in 2024. LifeNews stated that a higher turnout of Democrats is to be expected.

The constitution’s woke amendment would prohibit discrimination based on “sex”, including sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. It also includes language that would prohibit “discrimination” against “sex” based on “sex” and “reproductive health care,” which serves as a sanitized covering phrase for abortion. LifeNews speculated that the amendment’s supporters claim that abortion on demand should be protected. However, the fact that the term “abortion” is not used might be a deceitful cover phrase to fool voters into believing the goal is extreme.

New York already has the highest number of abortions in America. The state allows abortions for nearly any reason, right up until birth. However, if the voters approve this amendment to the state constitution, it would be almost impossible for any restrictions to be imposed on killing unborn children.

As usual, however, leftists view moderates as prolifers and label them extremists. At a pro-abortion rally on Tuesday, Carl Heastie, the state Assembly Speaker (D), stated that “Here in New York we won’t let the extremist and anti-choice agenda prevent anyone accessing reproductive health care.” LifeNews reported that the amendment also protects LGBTQ-identifying individuals, the elderly, and the disabled.

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.), also supported the amendment at the pro-abortion rally. She said, “I’m New York’s first governor to have ever had a child, had a baby or had to endure all the screaming.” “I know more about being a woman than any governor before and whether someone else in Washington should have the right to take what I should decide on my own.” She said that having children who screamed made her feel that she should kill more children before they can scream.

LifeNews reported that Michigan, Vermont, California, and Vermont all recently passed state constitutional amendments claiming a “right to abortion”. Democrats are investing tens of millions of dollars in pro-abortion initiatives like funding women’s travel to have abortions. Contrary to this, after Roe v. Wade was overturned in 1994, maternity clinics and pregnancy centers have expanded their services and Republican states have taken steps to protect unborn lives.

Democrats are lying when they say that abortion on demand is supported less in the United States than it actually is. Recent polls show that more than two-thirds (or more) of Americans support restrictions on abortion.