Nail On The Coffin: Gitmo! Gitmo!! The Clintons Doomed With Arrest Of Two Internationally Linked Fraudsters


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The Clinton’s are certainly not escaping this one,just a confession from the Singh brother’s and the orange jumpsuit’s are ready!.

We really hope this is the final nail on the coffin to the Clinton’s corrupt empire,two out of the many’ linked international fraudsters who work for the Clinton’s have been arrested and charged for fraud,we can only sit back now and watch what comes after as law enforcement agencies say this spells doom for both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Experts speculate that this spells doom for charities of the Clinton’s with which a corrupt cartel like empire is been run.

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The brothers “Singh’s” have worked for Fortis healthcare and Ranbaxy laboratory as promoters in the past with glued stains of fraud on their names.

Unfigured millions of dollars were funneled by the singh brothers using the bank accounts of the Clinton foundation circulating fake HIV drugs to underdeveloped communuties and helping children in form of Aide mostly in India and Africa.

“Who cares? It’s just blacks dying.” That’s how a senior Ranbaxy executive dismissed concerns expressed by other executives the company was manufacturing defective medicines, Fortune magazine reported in a lengthy expose.

The Clinton Foundation’s “India success story” was an exercise in “self-serving philanthropy”

whistleblower, Dinesh Thakur, said he tried to meet with Clinton Foundation officials, but shoved away.

Indian firms involved soared in value. Executives of these firms made donations to the Clinton Foundation, and there were “possible kickbacks in the form of million-dollar consulting contracts to President Clinton from the friend of convicted felon and Ranbaxy advocate Rajat Gupta,”

With this development if the arrested can confess and indict the Clinton’s,Gitmo is certainly a done deal.

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  1. These guys have to be kept in a military prision, a witness in a house surrounded by FBI still got clintoned. The intelligence agencies of this country still have traitors littered throughout them.

  2. The Democrats have positioned themselves in the political market as the party who has the “ big tent”, meaning that they accept all viewpoints and that they are non-judgmental and very diverse in their viewpoints.

    Nothing could be further from the truth!  They will accept anyone, just as long as you agree to their radical left wing beliefs!   Anyone who steps outside those beliefs must be silenced or destroyed.  

    This is demonstrated by them if you look at the masked, radical crowds outside any Trump rally who curse, spit on, hit and generally harass the Trump crowd as they leave the rallies and walk to their cars.  You will never see Conservatives doing that to people as they leave Democratic rallies.

    The Dems held a “women’s rights” march in Washington, but would not allow women who believes in actually having a baby when they get pregnant.  Only pro-abortion women were allowed.

    The Dems religion is “Climate change will destroy the Earth” and anyone who says different are called idiots and “science deniers”, even though it has been proven that Earth’s climate has been changing since its creation and it will continue to change until it ceases to exist.  Mankind has very little to do with it!

    Other things that will get you called names by left-wingers is 1) believing that marriage was instituted by God to be the union of a man and a woman 2) that everyone is responsible for earning their own money and that the government has no right to take money from one group and give it to another because they deem that group to be “more worthy”.  3) that our country is a Republic (not a Democracy) that is ruled according to an unchanging Constitution and 4) that our country has borders and that it is the choice of our government to decide whom to allow to migrate into our country, based upon who will be a good citizen and who will not.  No person from any other country has a “right” to cross over our borders and live here unless they will be an asset to our country.

    There are plenty more examples but I will leave it there for now.

    Basically, “truth” to the Democratic politicians right now has become whatever they can say to the people and that they will believe.  
    It’s very sad!

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