Nancy Mace’s Sex Talk at Prayer Breakfast Sparks Debate


Rep. Nancy Mace certainly is an interesting person. She is also a difficult person to understand. She could be a conservative at a hearing or defend abortion as constitutionally protected.

She’s going viral for her unpredictability.

Mace, a South Carolinian who was invited to speak at an event by Tim Scott, a fellow South Carolinian of hers, decided not to discuss sex as if it were merely a topic. She took to the podium instead to tell the crowd she had withheld sex to her fiance in order to arrive on time …. for the prayer breakfast.

I have exclusive footage from a person in the room.

My first reaction, I admit, was to laugh. Her comment is so ridiculous that it is genuinely funny. She was speaking at a Christian breakfast and thought it would be a good opportunity to promote her unmarried sexual life with her third husband. Come on, it’s almost funny.

Mace’s political views indicate that she is not a very religious person. It would be a waste to take this incident seriously. She will do what she wants, and nobody outside her circle of friends, not even her pastor, is able to influence her. It would be useless to go online and rant.

As a result, I am here to offer some commentary. It would be nice, as a matter of politics, if Republicans showed greater respect for their supporters. You are interacting with people at a prayer brunch who have come because they take their Christianity and relationship with Jesus Christ very seriously. They also believe in the Bible and live according to it.

In this context, I would suggest that all Republicans read the room better. This shows that the Republicans understand and respect their supporters’ beliefs, even if it is not their own.

Mace is not the only one who can be criticized for this. When I look at Washington Republicans I see a sea who pander to Christian voters and depend on them while not respecting their faith. Christians are a voting block to keep the Republicans in power. Once they are in office that voting bloc will be neglected until the next elections.

I wouldn’t be too serious about this. What good does it do to slam her on social media? It wouldn’t be surprising if she was ignorant of the Christian teachings regarding sex.