Nancy Pelosi Calls Out San Francisco Archbishop Who Barred Her From Communion


Rep. Nancy Pelosi has publicly criticized San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s decision to exclude her from communion in the churches he oversees.

The ex-speaker of this house said that she has a problem with the archbishop of the city we represent. But that’s her problem, not his. She also pointed out that she had five kids in six years.

Pelosi is 82 years old and stated that she asked congressmen who support life if there were as many children. We get to this point because we agree in one thing. It is the fight they have.

Cordileone wrote a May letter in which she stated that Pelosi should not attend Mass and that she wouldn’t be permitted to receive communion from priests.

Cordileone wrote to Cordileone stating that he was notifying him that he wouldn’t allow him Holy Communion. Cordileone wrote a letter stating that he would not allow him to Holy Communion unless he was publicly rebuked for advocating abortion legality and received absolution in this sacrament.

The Archbishop replied that he had written to Pelosi on April 7 and that if you didn’t publicly reject your advocacy of abortion rights, or refrain from referring to in public your Catholic faith, I would not hesitate, in accordance with Canon 915 to say that you would not be permitted Holy Communion.

These requests were not fulfilled according to Cordileone’s May correspondence.

Pelosi was blessed with communion last summer at the Vatican in a Mass commemorating the feasts of Saint Peter and St. Paul presided over by Pope Francis.

Pelosi called Roe v. Wade’s Supreme Court decision last year an “insult” to women.

She stated that “it’s an insult to women about using their own judgment to make decisions regarding reproductive freedom.”

We reached out to Pelosi and the archbishop for comment.