Nathan Wade Abruptly Quits as Special Prosecutor in Trump’s Georgia Case, Fani Stays Put


Nathan Wade resigned from his job after his lover Fani Willis, who is the Special prosecutor’s boyfriend, was told by Judge Scott McAfee that she could not continue prosecuting Donald Trump if Nathan Wade was involved.

The AP:

Wade offered his resignation to Willis in a letter, stating that he did so “in the interests of democracy, dedication to the American people, and to move this matter forward as quickly as is possible.”

Willis accepted Wade’s resignation with immediate effect. She praised his “professionalism” and “dignity,” saying that he had “undergone threats against him and his family as well as unjustified media attacks and in court on the reputation of a lawyer.”

Sorry Fani, but the attacks were entirely justified.

Here’s another one from AP:

McAfee found that Willis’ relationship with Wade did not constitute a conflict that would disqualify Willis from the case. He said that the allegations did create an “appearance” of impropriety, which infected his prosecution team.

The judge also criticized Willis for his “tremendous lapse in judgment” and questioned whether Wade and Willis were being truthful about their testimony regarding the timing of the relationship.

After Friday’s decision, Trump’s team of lawyers has already pledged to “use every legal option available to continue our fight to end this lawsuit, which shouldn’t have been brought to begin with.”