National Science Teachers Association Calls Women ‘People With Ovaries’


The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), has published a guide on “gender inclusive biology”, which eliminates the terms “men’ and “women” as well as giving school administrators ways to dismiss concerns from parents.

“Gender-Inclusive biology: A framework for action” provides teachers with “practical strategies to teach about gender, sexuality, and sex in biology.” It also lists “sex verification in sport” as an example.

The guide also includes a section called “Building Continuity In Gendered Language.” This section instructs teachers to avoid using terms such as “mother” and to instead use “gestational parent” or “gestational mother.”

This section also complained that “many scientific and medical statistics only use data from white, transgender, European people.”

The guide notes that the goal of a gender-inclusive biology curriculum includes identifying “places where social power and oppression affect specific marginalized gender groups, such as transgender people and intersex people.”

The guide instructs teachers to teach their students terms like “transgender”, “gender identity”, and “sex at birth.” It also tells them to know their students’ gender pronouns and highlight “strong narratives among marginalized groups.”

Another diagram in this guide removes depictions of men or women to make it more inclusive and universal. Instead, they are called “people who have ovaries” or “people who have testes”.

The NSTA claims that there is no official, accurate, or inclusive English name for a mother or father. They refer to them as “the two individuals who created an egg and sperm that made a new person”.

Teachers are encouraged to encourage their students to come up with a new name for “parents” such as “gene-givers or “biologically life transmitters” according the guide.

Teachers can also use the NSTA to guide them in dispelling objections from parents who do not agree with the teaching of left-leaning views of sex or gender.