NBA Champ Says He Almost Stabbed Teammate Hakeem Olajuwon in Locker Room Fight


There are many scuffles between team members, but not every day that one becomes a crime scene.

This is what Hakeem Olajuwon, a Hall of Famer, and Vernon Maxwell, a former Houston Rockets teammate, did during a Seattle game.

Maxwell, who was a Houston native and had a 12-year NBA history, got on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast “No Chill” to recall his encounter with “The Dream”. He also complained about his role in the game, going back to halftime.

Olajuwon apparently yelled at Maxwell from behind and then “smacked the s— outta me,” Maxwell recalled.

Maxwell stated, “That motherf —– hit me so hard, man. He knocked me out of the chair.” “I leaped up and grabbed my chair, throwing it at the motherf —–, and busted the glass in the locker room.”

Maxwell stated that police then pulled their guns on Maxwell in the locker room.

“I was like, ‘Damn! They got the guns on me at professional halftime. He said, “At a professional game.”

With broken glass all over the place, Maxwell picked up a piece and had a potential weapon in his hands that he says he would have used had it not been for police and everyone fleeing the locker room.

Maxwell stated, “I was going to chase Dream and stab the s— out of him.”

Thankfully no one was hurt, Maxwell described Olajuwon as a “great teammate”. They won back-to-back titles together in 1994 and 1995.