NBA Social Justice Coalition Blasts Vigilantism After Rittenhouse Verdict


    The news of Kyle Rittenhouse’s innocence was widely reported and it seems that the part about Rittenhouse being innocent did not make it to the NBA’s Social Justice Coalition. James Cadogan, executive director of the NBA’s social justice arm, released an official statement on Twitter expressing his condolences to Rittenhouse’s victims and defending the right of peaceful protest. He also called any form of “vigilantism” unacceptable.

    Rittenhouse was charged with multiple offenses during rioting that followed the shooting of James Blake by Kenosha police.

    Rittenhouse was joined by a group armed volunteers to guard a car dealership that had been set on fire the night before. Rittenhouse was pursued by James Rosenbaum, a rioter who reached for Rittenhouse’s AR-15-style rifle. He fired four shots, striking Rosenbaum and inflicting serious injuries.

    Rittenhouse tried to run away when the crowd chased him. Rittenhouse was hit in the head with a rock from an unknown assailant and kicked in his face by a man referred to as “Jump Kick Man.” Rittenhouse shot but missed. Anthony Huber, a rioter, then struck Rittenhouse in his neck and head with a skateboard and Rittenhouse shot one bullet, killing him. Another rioter raised his arms above his head and charged Rittenhouse, pointing his gun at him. Grosskreutz was shot by Rittenhouse, who also wounded him in the arm.

    The riots in Kenosha weren’t peaceful protests and citizens and business owners suffered millions of dollars of property damage after large areas of the city were set on fire and looting rampantly.

    Rittenhouse’s lawyers were also clear in their assertion that Rittenhouse, 17, acted in self-defense when he shot at his attackers. It could be argued persuasively that Rittenhouse was attacked by those who were angry that Jacob Blake was arrested for resisting arrest.

    However, the NBA seems to be committed to making the truths out and defaming innocent teens. The league’s reporters also seem to be determined to make the facts up. Jalen Rose, an ESPN analyst, claimed that Jacob Blake was killed and shot by police officers.