New!! Another bogus corruption under Biden exposed,China,Romania Victims


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The Republican Party claims there is another instance of a foreign country giving Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, professional advantages for access to his father.

“China. Ukraine. And now Romania,” the GOP said in a report which details “another example of Joe Biden’s conflicts of interest as vice president because of his son, Hunter’s business dealings.”

Hunter Biden was propelled to the forefront of mainstream media attention after it was learned that his business garnered a massive deal with China while his father served as vice president. These advantages continued when a Ukrainian energy board hired Hunter Biden and paid him $50,000 per month despite him not having experience in the energy sector.

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And now Romania.

The GOP reports:

At the same time VP Joe Biden was pushing Romania to “crack down on corruption,” Hunter was working for a Romanian businessman allegedly “as a prop” to help him “dodge criminal prosecution.”

One legal expert told NBC that Hunter’s involvement “does raise questions of whether this Romanian individual facing criminal charges was actually paying for a connection to the American vice president.”


Even Hunter is the first to admit, “I don’t think that there’s a lot of things that would have happened in my life that if my last name wasn’t Biden.”

Stop the Madness. Joe Biden has already lied about discussing his son’s business dealing in Ukraine. The former vice president needs to be asked if he also discussed Romania with his son too.

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