New emails tying Obama to alleged whistleblower revealed on live TV


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A Fox News host Laura Ingraham revealed emails on Wednesday night that connected the alleged Ukrainian whistleblower with a 2016 meeting that the Obama administration held with Ukrainian officials about corruption involving Ukrainian gas company Burisma. The emails also discussed whether the role that 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had with the company could complicate any investigation thats already on ground.

“The chain centers on a request from New York Times reporter Ken Vogel,” Ingraham began. “ May of 2019, Vogel sends an email to State Department official Kate Schilling about a story he was working on regarding an Obama-era meeting with Ukrainian prosecutors. In his request, Vogel mentions a name who some have reported is the whistleblower. We have not yet confirmed this name, so we are blacking it out for here.”

Ingraham read the email from Vogel, which stated: We are going to report that State Department official Elizabeth Zentos attended a meeting on the White House on January 19th, 2016, with Ukrainian prosecutors and embassy officials. The subjects discussed included efforts within the United States government to support prosecutions in the Ukraine and United Kingdom of Burisma holdings and concerns that Hunter Biden’s position with the company could complicate such efforts.


“On May 1st, State Department official Kate Schilling forwarded Vogel’s email to her colleagues Elizabeth Zentos and George Kent Remember him? He was one of the House Democrats all-star impeachment witnesses,” Ingraham said. “According to Schilling’s email, Kent has previously been a source for Vogel — I wonder how many times. Follow up emails reveal the conversation ending on May 3rd when the State Department eventually declined to comment.

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  1. We knew most of this & it only confirms What we know/knew. Nobody thinks Biden would have done this w/o Obama’s. He can’t even remember what state he is in while doing his campaigning. Just not smart enough, sorry. He even forgot his confession on camera for the quid pro quo crime of his own, that started this whole mess. Now just wants us to pretend like ALL Dem. Politicians, that it didn’t happen & already been investigated. By who? When? Just another Dem. lie to hopefully easy their simple minded voters who fall for all their lies.

    I understand why Repub. are keeping their stand on witnesses, but I got an idea. Why not tell they sure but we are also going to get the witnesses we want which is Biden, his son, Whistleblower, Shifty Schiff, And any others. Give them Bolton, but also make it clear, since Dems say this is a deal breaker. If Repub. have to do what House refused to do (Their Jobs) & he does not give anything they keep claiming is there, If it turns out as just another disgusting deceitful tactic to lie to American voters, then THATS IT! No more witnesses, no more games. That would be lie number WHAT? Vote to clear our President. But Repub. are just going to play safe & keep their Balls hidden as they always do against corrupt lying Dems.

    I just want to know what the White House & Trump are going to do about all the leaking & FAKE media releasing w/o proof & usually turns out just Dem. lying tactic to disgrace their opponents. Why would any foreign country want to do business in the toxic leaking Govt. of the USA?

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