New Hampshire Students Walk Out After District Bans Urinals Under Transgender Policy


New Hampshire schools developed a policy that allowed children access to the bathroom according to their gender identity.

After parents protested, however, the school changed the policy to require children to use the same bathroom as their biological partners.

Trans activists protested, and the school reached a compromise. The bathroom would be matched to the student’s biological sex. However, there are no shared lockers.

Associated Press:

This policy will restrict the maximum occupancy of any bathroom or locker room to the number of stalls in it. Students cannot share changing rooms.

Students continued protesting for about 45 minutes after the walkout.

Republicans across the country are pushing to pass anti-transgender legislation. State legislators are considering legislation that would allow public entities to “differentiate among male and female sexual sexes” during athletic competitions, criminal prisons, and places of intimate private privacy.

Not all students will be affected by the new rules. Superintendent Christi Michaud said that students feel at ease at the school.

Daily Mail:

She said that stricter rules could lead to bathroom bottlenecks and decrease time in the classroom. She said, however, that school personnel is following the directive.

Nico Romeri (a 16-year-old student who is transgender) spoke out at a February 6 school board meeting in an effort to get it to repeal the ban.

He expressed concern about the potential negative effects of the policies on the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ students within the district.

Transgender children must be returned home if the policy has an adverse impact on their “mental well-being”. It is a difficult world out there and I can only imagine what you’ll face when you get to work.

It is absurd, isn’t it? This perfectly illustrates what transgender activists have done.