New Jersey14-Year-Old Girl, Commits Suicide After Video of Her Being Brutally Attacked at School is Posted Online


After a video of her being racially attacked at her high school in New Jersey was posted online, a 14-year-old girl committed suicide. Students at the school and the family of the teenager who committed suicide are calling for bullying prevention.

Adriana Kuch, a high school freshman, was found dead in Bayville (New Jersey) on February 3. The high school freshman took their own life. Adriana’s father believes his daughter committed suicide after she was brutally attacked at school by bullies. A video of the beating was posted online.

Michael Kuch said that “they think it’s fun attack people and then take videos and put them up,” WABC-TV reported. Adriana was not hurt by being hit with a water bottle, but she was embarrassed and humiliated. They kept coming at her.”

“My daughter blacks out and they don’t call an ambulance, but they take her to a nurse’s office,” the grieving dad said. He also added that his daughter has “never been involved in a fight before”, and that she weighed 98 pounds and is 5-2. She loves everyone.

Adriana was jumped on February 1st by four of her female classmates in the hallway at Central Regional High School Bayville.

Video footage of an unmerciful beating shows Adriana being jumped by a girl and then viciously punching her in her face. reports that Adriana falls to the ground as Adriana continues to pull her hair back and punch her head. Two students can be heard cheering the attack from off-camera. Adriana was left with bruises and bleeding on the ground after the melee for about 30 seconds, according to her father.

According to The Patch, the 20-second-long video ended with someone saying, “That’s what you get stupid a** b***h.”

According to school officials, Adriana was taken to the school nurse.

The Berkeley Township Police Department did not report the incident. Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides stated that this is consistent with school policy.

“I don’t believe that a police report was made. Normally, we just suspend them.” Parlapanides stated that parents can file charges against their children if they wish. “We are not going to double-whammy kids where they have been suspended and then face police charges.”

Parlapanides said, “The whole district is shaken by such a young loss.” “We send our condolences to the family.”

Three students were charged with third-degree felonious assault and one student with disorderly conduct.

The father, distraught, is seeking justice for his daughter’s attack.

Kuch claimed that “The school lied about me and covered up the severity of my daughter’s attack.”

“These four girls plotted and executed an attack. Michael Kuch posted on Facebook, “These 4 girls are laughing while discussing what they are going do.” I want the whole world to see what these animals did for my daughter. I won’t sleep until they are brought before a judge to plead guilty.

Adriana Kuch’s suicide death has made national headlines. It also sparked a discussion about bullying teens in schools.

More than 200 Central Regional High students walked out of class Wednesday to protest bullying.

Roman Valez, a sophomore student, told WNBC that Adriana took her life because no one at the school could help or care for her. I’d like to show bullies what they do and how it affects them.

Many students shared their stories of bullying at school.

“We understand that students, staff, and the community are grieving the loss of such an attractive young woman with a bright future,” stated the Central Regional School District.

Kuch’s online obituary stated that Kuch loved animals and helped children with special needs. She also enjoyed jogging with her brother and was a true lover of nature. Adriana enjoyed walking in the woods, riding dirt bikes, and dune buggies, and skateboarding.