New Mexico AG Stands Up to Gun Control Governor


Raul Torrez, the New Mexico Attorney General, has informed Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, in a pleasant surprise, that he won’t defend her, or her administration, against the numerous lawsuits filed against her for her illegal and unconstitutional orders banning open and concealed firearms carry in Albuquerque. Torrez stated in his statement that we have known and continue to believe from the beginning that it will not pass constitutional muster.

Grisham’s illegal order was followed by a flurry of lawsuits filed almost instantly. The National Association for Gun Rights is a gun rights organization that has had a successful track record in suing against laws or orders like this.

The complaint states that New Mexico must “justify the Carry Prohibition” by showing that it is in line with the historical tradition of firearms regulations of the nation. It also notes that the state cannot meet this burden because of the lack of such a tradition.

Grisham has done well to not back down, but instead dig her heels in as far as possible, in a desperate attempt to defend her illegal order.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is still trying to justify the decision she made to “suspend’ gun rights in certain parts of New Mexico under the guise that a “health crisis” exists.

The governor has posted several times on social media since her disastrous press conference where she failed to explain her legality. The governor has made several posts on social media, but none of them address the blatant violation she committed of the U.S. Constitution. Lujan Grisham, on the other hand, seems to be unable to react and instead has sought to blame others rather than address the elephant in her room. She is a classic example of someone who has gotten out on their skis and doesn’t know what to do.

This is a little bit of advice on politics for anyone who may be reading. If a politician is always trying to portray themselves as doing it “for the children”, (a line that Nancy Pelosi loves to use), then you should vote them out. You can be sure that these politicians are petty tyrants, who use children as pawns to justify their illegal and outrageous actions.

It will not make any child safer to ban law-abiding New Mexico citizens from carrying concealed guns. Lujan Grisham is using this as a means to punish political opponents, something she admits tacitly in her blog post. She is saying, “I broke the law because you don’t have a plan.” What would the New Mexico legislature’s plan look like? What should they do? What if you pass a resolution that says shooting people is wrong?

It’s encouraging to see so many people, particularly those on the left, publicly affirming the illegality of Grisham’s orders. Even better is when the registered Democrat state attorney general tells her boss in no uncertain words that she messed up bad enough that he will not defend her in court. Our extensive coverage has shown that both gun control advocates and fellow Democrat politicians say she is wrong.

She’s lost even people like rabid Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu, who claimed that no state could “suspend” the federal Constitution. You knew then that the hell had frozen over and that she had truly jumped off the cliff with her wild move. It got worse. Even David Hogg, whose entire existence is built around bad gun control views, spoke out against Lujan’s Grisham.

I’ll give Grisham some credit. She isn’t giving up, and she won’t admit she was wrong. She’s turning into a national scandal, but she refuses to give up. But I am looking forward to her legal beating in court. She’s going to be knocked a few pegs by the courts when they overturn her order.