New Year: Swamp gets it hard on their faces with Durham report,big problems for Dems expect


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Republican Rep. Mark Meadows (NC) sat down with Steve Bannon on Thursday’s War Room: Impeachment, where he suggested that US Attorney John Durham will uncover “very problematic findings” with the FBI’s counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign – both before and after the 2016 US election.

“When we look at the investigation that is going on now with Mr. Durham, he is finding things that will be very problematic,” said Meadows – who will not be seeking reelection in 2020.

“And where they’re problematic is not just in the initial investigation, it is after January of 2017 before the president is actually sworn into office, they’re still operating on trying to take him down when they know they had no case,” Meadows also said

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“It’s a policy and power debate. I want to emphasize the power. This is all about are we going to let the American people along with their representatives and the President of the United States establish foreign policy or are we going to let the intel and national security apparatus continue to do whatever they’ve done for years which is not effective. That’s the reason why there was such a big pushback with Brennan and Clapper.” He notes: “Their day is coming. I promise you. Their day is coming. And we really hope it does..

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  1. Americans are still waiting for the DOJ to deliver on TRUE Justice against those who are responsible for this Un-Constitutional & unlawful Coup against President Trump & those who support him. Dems & Rinos have lost their minds if they feel the only way to win is to lie, bully, shame, intimidate, & create fake scandals. Guess they never learned that you get farther when you use honey & not a club. I just know that I will NEVER vote Dem again until they start showing their desire to do the job they are hired for & not just their personal political agenda while making millions off the backs of taxpayers & their money.

    I see it as if the person is right for the job, why do they have to lie about their opponents. You only have to use these horrible tactics when you are desperate & know you can’t win honestly. Sounds like the Dems & Rinos we have here in America. I just hope we can actually clean out the swamp. It just seems like there is corruption throughout all agencies & Most Americans admit that we no longer feel we can trust any of them until they start showing the same desires as the American People.

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