New York Supreme Court Nukes Democrat’s Red Flag Laws, Includes Biting Message


The authoritarian left’s latest weapon in gun confiscation is the “Red Flag Laws” workaround for the Second Amendment. Anyone can report any citizen who is suspected of being dangerous to others or for other suspicious activities. The authorities will then arrive at the residence and seize their firearms. To get their guns back, the accused must appear in court to prove that they are not a danger.

It’s the world Democrats long for.

This approach has many hurdles for Democrats. Many politicians with the “D” in their names would implement these rules within seconds, but the left has to deal with uncooperative law enforcement and a document known as the “Constitution”.

New York is one of those places that wants to push Red Flag Laws onto the populace. However, the Supreme Court of New York recently issued a ruling that did not only stop that plan but also required the Justice who wrote it to make clear to New York’s politicians that anti-2A nonsense will not fly.

Justice Thomas E. Moran stated that CPLR SS63, New York City’s Red Flag Law doesn’t “sufficiently safeguard a citizen’s right and is therefore unconstitutional.”

Although the opinion is laced with legalese and precedents to collapse New York’s anti-2A effort, Moran gives a slap on his wrist near the end. He makes it clear that Moran will not infringe on the right of people to bear arms.

The dangers that firearms can pose to someone with a mental illness, harboring criminal intent, or both, is something this Court is aware of. This Court cannot [*8] condone CPLR SS63a’s objective of removing weapons from their lawful owners without proper constitutional safeguards.

Some may argue that “the ends justify the means” when supporting SS63-a. However, if those means violate fundamental rights under our Bill of Rights, the law cannot be considered valid.

This Court deems the “Temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order (TERPO), and “Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO” unconstitutional, as CPLR Article 63a is currently drafted. The Second Amendment is not a right of second class and should not be considered as such.

Red flag laws in the country should be killed with the last line.

It can’t be said clearly enough that the Second Amendment does not constitute a second-class legal right.

No matter the trend that the Democrats attempt to instill in the public, their blind hatred for the second amendment doesn’t make it any less of a right. Although they may be apprehensive about the idea that the common man is armed, it’s the right of every citizen to have arms. This right was established by God because the freedom to possess a firearm is an integral part of his freedom.

The common man must be able to ensure that we live in a free society.