No One is Buying the White House Response to Cocaine Scandal


Who left a bag of cocaine lying around the West Wing at the White House? The Biden administration would think it was a simple question to answer, given the amount of technology on-site. It’s a mystery that may never be solved.

On Wednesday, a “law-enforcement official” leaked to the media that it was unlikely that the perpetrator would be found. You could be forgiven for wondering why the person will not be found. The White House is covered with cameras, and all visitors are logged. But forget about that. The Secret Service is not expected to be able to determine who left the bag of cocaine in the building they have sworn to guard.

Do not look for answers from administration officials. They’re not even helping with the investigation.

The Biden administration won’t help in figuring out who is responsible for a bag of hard drugs found inside the White House. They could easily provide schedules and data that would reveal who was around the area where the cocaine was discovered.

You’re blaming a tourist for this? Really?

Do you know any tourists, particularly those who visit the White House, that leave cocaine lying around at random? Since I last checked, cocaine is not cheap. The best guess is that it was hidden and not left on a desk. Why it took several days to find the cocaine is not clear. The tourist theory is absurd. Karine Jean Pierre’s stance on this is comical.

There are also cameras in all the areas outside the residence of the White House. Security checks and other methods are used to monitor who enters and leaves the White House. The Biden administration pretends that this is an unsolvable problem. Why don’t they help the Secret Service? Why doesn’t the Secret Service check the tapes and see who hid the coke? This is all a lie.

Jean-Pierre told a reporter that anyone could walk into the White House carrying anything.

Do you believe that? Is it true that some random tourist managed to sneak cocaine into a White House Tour and decided to just leave it hidden? Who would do that? Why would anyone do something like that?

Does it seem more probable that a tourist could not have brought cocaine into the White House and avoided being caught or, at the very least would have left it behind? The most logical explanation is that Biden’s administration knows where the cocaine comes from, and is protecting someone.

Who could it be? Could it be that the son of the president, who sleeps at the White House regularly and has a history of drug abuse? Who am I kidding? This is just crazy talk.