Oil Workers Push Biden Admin To Approve Billion Dollar Drilling Project Being Fought By Environmentalists


The Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA), is pushing for the approval of the Willow Project by the Biden administration, a multi-billion-dollar drilling project in Alaska by energy company ConocoPhillips.

OGWA, an independent trade association that represents workers in the United States, is non-partisan and impartial. This group has launched a petition to support the project, and believes that more oil will be beneficial for the American people.

The Willow Project in Alaska is essential to America’s energy independence. Willow will provide jobs in the USA and lower prices for gas, groceries, and utility bills. “Misguided politicians, malicious outsiders, are threatening our energy independence and economy, as well as national security,” Matt Coday, President and Founder of OGWA, told The Daily Caller.

“American workers are tired of watching the federal government sell our jobs and families overseas to countries with less environmentally-conscious standards. This was all supported by our tax dollars. American oil and gas jobs help fund schools, roads, social programs, First Responders, and schools.

The White House was protested by environmentalists led the Sierra Club on March 3. To protest the project, the Conservation Lands Foundation, an environmental activist group, started a TikTok campaign using the hashtag #StopWillow. According to the Associated Press, the hashtag was viewed more than 50 million times and became a popular topic on the platform.

The bipartisan Congressional delegation from Alaska, Republican Senators. Dan Sullivan, Lisa Murkowski, as well as Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola have all come out to support the project. Along with representatives of Native American tribes, union leaders from the AFL-CIO (North American Building Trades) and the AFL-CIO have supported the project.

“Democrats and Republicans are all suffering at the pump. Joe Biden is proving our point every single time he releases oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. MORE oil is the solution. To help all American families, the Biden administration must approve the Willow Project in Alaska immediately. You can drill here. Coday said, “Drill now.”

The final decision on whether Project Willow is approved will be made by Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior. As a member in Congress, she opposed the Project Willow and decided not to appeal the court decision that had blocked it in 2021.