Oklahoma Media Ignores Heinous Assault on Girls By Male Student in High School Girls’ Bathroom


According to an October police report, a male student identified as a girl entered a girls’ school bathroom in Oklahoma and beat two girls almost unconscious. It was only discovered by the police this week that no one in the area knew about it.

Oklahoma City’s local media can be credited for this. Wendy Suares, KOKH FOX 25 was loud in support of Oklahoma University’s gender clinic that was referring children for mastectomies. After our coverage revealed that Roy G. Biv Center was offering surgeries and puberty blockers to children with gender confusion, she incorrectly reported that they had received “threats”. The university was then threatened by the Oklahoma legislature. Suares reported that the clinic had denied any knowledge of any increased security threats. OU Health declined to comment.

“I was told that 2 different staffers made threats to me via calls to the main switchboard.” “I have also heard from staffers that security has been improved at the facility.” These “unnamed staffers”, however, never appeared for Suares. Suares was asked by Suares this week why she hadn’t covered the story of the attack at Edmond Memorial high school girls’ restroom. She replied via Twitter that the story is not newsworthy. Suares stated that there are always fights in schools. “Right now, I don’t believe it meets the threshold for news.”

Suares would have known that the Loudon County story was viral if she had been following it. This story has many of the same elements as the Loudon County story. There is also a coverup. Details will be in a follow-up article. Suares will only report stories about transgender people she believes is positive. She doesn’t care about stories about trans-identified violent criminals. It should be obvious why. We tried to reach her to get her explanation on why she didn’t consider this story newsworthy, but she declined to answer at the time of publication.

The battles between parents and school boards are America’s biggest news stories right now. Wendy Suares claims that the Oklahoma story isn’t newsworthy and falls short on several fronts. As someone who has covered these stories for years, I can assure you that it is newsworthy because everyone clicks on stories like this. Stories about gender-cult warfare get a lot of attention, which translates to millions.

You have to question why the mainstream media doesn’t report something that could guarantee them a big paycheck. Maybe you don’t. The answer is obvious. To suppress the dangers that trans activists and Democrats pose to children by embracing radical far-left sexualized educational methods and trans ideology, Democrats and the media are collaborating.

Suares, the board members, and other board members are true believers and fellow travelers. They will push a radical agenda on your children and advocate policies that would remove your parental rights. It’s a big story, and we’ll continue to tell it.

Wendy Suares will, however, continue to ignore the attacks on girls and women in order to appear virtuous to peers. She said she would, but we asked her why she didn’t share this story. Suares, according to a source has suddenly decided to cover the story. We are eagerly awaiting her response.