Omg!! Final evidence Soros & Clinton Paid Woman To Accuse Trump Of Sexual Attack’


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A proof has recently appeared that cash attached to Hillary Clinton and George Soros was utilized to pay ladies to make-up false claims that President Trump sexually attacked them, as per a report in the New York Times.


Writing for TheHill, analytical columnist John Solomon, uncovers that payouts were made by lawyer Lisa Bloom to ladies who were willing to lie and act in public that they were sexually attacked by now President Donald Trump. The cash was attractive, so they decided to do it.


As indicated by the report, one of the accusers had the mortgage on her home paid off, while the other was offered cash amount of $750,000.


The names of two of were uncovered by the NY Times and both are attached to the evilness. Guess who? George Soros and Hillary Clinton.


Right after that, it was uncovered that Soros invested an astounding $3 million into the New York Times by taking up a lot of the organization’s stocks.


Could this action be a method for controlling the publication’s account on such stories on in the near future? Well of course!


The New York Times named David Brock, a George Soros partner in crime, and Clinton’s long-term companion Susie Tompkins Buell, who controlled countless dollars in order to fight Trump’s campaign before the presidential election.


David Brock not just has connections to Hillary Clinton and George Soros, he is the Resistance, not exclusively to Trump however to Fox News also.
Hunter Biden requests Protective Order to seal all financial records to cover….(read more)
That’s the story of our country folks… Soros and the Democratic Party spending millions of dollars to oppose Trump and the good of our nation. Why they are doing this? It’s more than obvious! They are too scared that Trump will expose their criminal history. And believe me he will, It’s just a matter of time!
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  1. I am sure Trump will uncover crimes. But the way its going the statute of limitations will be ran out. That is why every time something big happens like a investigation into any democrat. They make some outrageous charge against Trump. Just like now with this fake impeachment.

  2. The FBI , CIA etc. Are corrupt like Hell. SOROs and Clinton’s are related through marriage of offspring and are Satan’s Aces to destroy America. Soros was a Hitler Jugegend and now a Communist. Progressives are the NWO commies.

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