One Killed as Armed Men Posing as Door Dash Delivery Attempt Home Invasion


Two armed men tried to break into a house by pretending that they were Door Dash men delivering Taco Bell food. However, one resident pulled out a firearm and shot one of them.

On April 6, police found Grayson Rhue, 18, of Roswell in Georgia, lying dead in the driveway of a house in Noblesville, Georgia. He had suffered multiple injuries.

Court documents said that Rhue and an accomplice allegedly purchased “quesaritos” along with two Baja Blast freeze drinks at Taco Bell, dressed up as Door Dash delivery drivers, and rang the bell at a home nearby.

They forced their way in when one of the occupants opened the front door.

Rhue told the person answering the door to “Go inside and don’t make any noise.”

Two of the suspects allegedly pointed guns at three house-sitters. One of the house-sitters then pulled out their own firearm and fired at the two suspects.

Rhue died two houses down from where he had run out the front door.

The police found a handgun that was stolen under the DoorDash bag, which Rhue had dropped as he left.

They later arrested a suspect they believe to be his accomplice and identified as 22-year-old Ruai Ngundeng Pal in his hometown of Franklin, Tennessee.

Pal is expected to be charged with murder as well as armed robbery and burglary with a deadly weapon.

In court documents, it was stated that the police had been able to track Pal by using hotel footage. Pal was found to be in the same hotel as Rhue.

The evidence was also found in a conversation Rhue had via Snapchat.

“Yeah, we robbed his trap. I’ll be back tomorrow I’m robbing his house tonight then driving straight back,” he allegedly wrote.

Here is a video from local news about the incident.