One Roman Catholic Bishop Has Had Enough of Biden’s Fake Catholicism


Old Joe Biden claims he is Roman Catholic. He even claims to be a committed, devout, and observant Christian. The New York Times propagandists proclaimed that “the new president”, three days after Joe began pretending to be President, “elevates a liberal Catholicism once seemed destined for the disappearance.” On Tuesday, Catholic Joe was called upon to play his game. Biden’s fake Catholicism was denounced by Roman Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland from Tyler, Texas. Will Pope Francis wake him up? It’s not likely.

Owen Jensen, a White House correspondent for EWTN, asked Biden about his belief that “Catholic bishops” are asking for federal tax dollars to not be used to fund abortions. Biden replied: “No, they’re not all doing that. Nor is the pope.” It’s like hiring an armed robber. Fear is the root of violence and rejection of life.

Strickland reacted to Biden’s claim by tweeting “Mr. Biden cannot be allowed to manipulate the words of Pope Francis this way.” I implore you to clarify, Pope Francis correctly calls abortion murder. Biden’s false Catholicism must be condemned.

Boom! It is there. “Fake Catholicism” Finally, someone has spoken it. Biden has been promoting his pious Catholic act for years. It seems increasingly manipulative, dishonest, and a lot more manipulative than he claims. Biden criticized the Supreme Court for considering Roe v. Wade overturning in May 2022. He said: “Look, consider what Roe says. Roe states what all mainstream religions have always concluded: that it is possible to exist a human being and that there is life. Is it at conception? Is it six or more months? Is it six months?

Old Joe is a faithful member of the Catholic Church, which teaches that human life must be protected and respected from conception. A human being must be recognized as having the rights and dignity of a person from the moment he is born. This is evident in the Church’s position.

The Catholic Church’s Catechism adds that “Since the first century, the Church has declared the moral sin of any procured abortion. This teaching has not changed, and it will remain unchanged. Direct abortion, which is abortion that will be used as an end or means of abortion, is a grave violation of the moral law.

Joseph Strickland, the bishop of Tyler in Texas, is not the pope. Even though Pope Francis has made strong pro-life statements, he is less interested in holding Catholic pro-abortion politicians accountable. After decades of pro-abortion advocacy, Old Joe met the pontiff in October 2021 and said that they had just discussed the fact that the pontiff was happy that he thought I was a good Catholic.

Strickland still has a lot to offer. He exposed one of the most prominent opportunists, who use their alleged Christian faith for political purposes while removing any meaning or significance. All people of principle and faith, both Catholic and non-Catholic, owe Strickland a debt.