Oscar Attendees Unwittingly Display Horrific Symbolism with Red Hand Pins Against Israel


Leftists love the Oscars because they can indulge in a flurry of virtue-signaling. This year was no exception. The pins featured a red heart on the palm of a hand, a message that was meant to be a warning to Israel. The pins brought to mind an infamous Palestinian jihad murder that, even though it took place more than twenty years ago is still remembered with horror by Israelis and supporters.

NPR reported on Monday with joy that “a prominent accessory on Sunday’s Red Carpet was a pin featuring a red hand with a heart-shaped black center.” Billie Eilish and Ramy Youssef wore pins to support Artists4Ceasefire – a group of artists and advocates who oppose the Israel-Hamas War. The celebrities explain that the pins “symbolize collective support for a permanent ceasefire and an immediate ceasefire as well as for the urgent delivery humanitarian aid to Gaza’s civilians.” The explanation doesn’t clarify anything.

It seems that these artists are being empathetic and fair. They want the release of Israel’s hostages and the immediate delivery of humanitarian assistance to Gazan civilians. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Hamas’ top dog Ghazi Hamad said it in October 2023, just a few weeks after the Oct. 7 jihad massacre: “We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do this again and again.” This may sound like a call to peace, but actually, Hamas can survive and murder more Israelis. Hamas’ top dog Ghazi Hamad stated it in October 2023 just a few weeks after the Oct. 7, jihad massacre. “We must show Israel a lesson and we will repeat this over and over again.” The Al-Aqsa Flood”, that is the attack of Oct. 7, was just the first, and will there be a second time?

The symbolism of red hands and black hearts isn’t just about war’s horrors, but also an indictment against Israel. Israeli leaders have stated that they will fight until Hamas has been destroyed. They don’t intend to accept a truce that would force them to stop their efforts before they are done.

Pins have a more horrifying resonance.

On Oct. 12, 2000, two IDF reserve soldiers, Yossi Avrahami, and Vadim Nurzhitz, entered Ramallah by mistake. Ramallah was under Palestinian control and still is. A mob of enraged people attacked them, lynched and then mutilated them. Aziz Salha – a Palestinian killer – said, “We had a bloodlust.” I entered the room…I found an Israeli soldier lying on the floor, in front of the doors. As I got closer, I saw that a knife was lodged near his right shoulder in his back. I took out the knife and stabbed the man in the back twice or three times, while the others continued to kick him. “I put one hand on his mouth, and the other over his shoulder to choke him.”

Salha said: “I saw my hands and shirt were drenched in blood. So I did what every bloodthirsty killer would do when he knows he’s in the company of other bloodthirsty criminals: I went to the window and waved my hand at the people in the courtyard.”

The Times of Israel explained that the image was deeply rooted in many Israelis’ memories and became a symbol of this horrific attack. The Oscar virtue signalers didn’t realize it, but for many Israelis, their pins were a reminder of what has come to symbolize the bloodlust and ruthlessness of their enemies.

It was fitting. Leftist actors will have their way and there will be more Palestinians who are gleefully showing their blood. Oscar night, without realizing it at the time, showed the world the outcome of the ceasefire all right-thinking people called for today.