Our Major Cities Face Lawlessness, with Rampant Theft, Carjackings, and a Growing Reliance on Private Security Forces


It is bad enough that liberal governments in most of our largest cities have made doing business there almost impossible. These cities are unlivable because of rampant theft, open drug markets, and rampant drug abuse. It’s worse when the capital of the greatest nation of all time is also awash in this muck. Washington, D.C., for example, should be a shining beacon of what humanity is capable of. That’s not the case.

We read first that the owner of a taco stand in the District of Columbia is required to spend $4K per month on private security to stay in business.

Bo Blair, owner of the Surfside Taco Stand in Washington and several other businesses, told FOX Business that he spends $4,000 a week on private security. This is because the District has seen a spike in carjackings and other crimes.

Blair said to Griff Jenkins, a correspondent standing outside his Dupont Circle Taqueria on Thursday: “It is not sustainable.”

“I hope we can overcome this crime crisis so that we don’t need to deal with it in the future.” He said that the total amount we spent this year on security at all locations was more than $450,000.

Has it ever occurred to me that the government’s role, no matter what level, is to safeguard the property and liberty of its citizens? In these turbulent times, the District’s municipal government is failing in this area, just like many other municipal governments across the country. The District is out of control.

The number of carjackings in Washington has more than doubled since last year, and the most recent figure for 2023 is 928. In the District, there were also 254 homicides this year. This is a nearly one-third increase.

Two cars were stolen from a District Uber Eats Driver on the same day.

This isn’t sustainable. There’s got to be a sacrifice.

We have repeatedly discussed what causes these problems in major cities. Malefactors see the soft-shelled insects that run these cities as no threat, and they grow more brazen every day. This is not good news for the cities of our country or those who are law-abiding and honest.

This will continue until there is a major change in the urban areas of our country. This type of thing will continue till the fear that the citizens of these cities experience when faced with criminals who are undeterred is removed and until it’s the criminal element itself that lives in fear.

If I were to do a thorough analysis of the causes and effects in our cities, I would start by examining the “urban policy” path. These results have been seen in San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as New York, Chicago, and St. Louis. But I would also examine the educational path. Our large-city schools are failing horribly. Some of them produce only a single-digit percentage of graduates who are proficient in English and math. This can’t be good.

You can’t ignore the unstoppable rise of a misogynistic, violent, toxic “thug culture” in urban areas.

Our cities require reform. Our cities need reform in law enforcement, the courts, the schools, and most importantly, the culture. Voting is a good thing, but removing the scum who are responsible for bringing our cities to this point can’t hurt. Now, the situation is too serious for this to be a solution.

I’m hoping it happens, but I don’t think it will. Get out of the city!