Outrage Sparks as GOP Governor Ousts Doctor for Defending Children Against Genital Mutilation


A prominent interventional radiologist from a very conservative state in the United States has stepped down from his position as a board member, per the request of the state’s Republican governor. He had spoken out against gender-based therapies involving children.

Dr. Eric Cubin, a radiologist from Casper, was confirmed to the Wyoming Board of Medicine by Republican Governor Mark Gordon last year. Cubin was scheduled to leave his position in 2028. Medical professionals and PAs in Wyoming are licensed by the state’s Board of Medicine. Earlier this year, Cowboy State Daily reported that Cubin was reconfirmed for an additional year by the Wyoming Board of Medicine.

“I stood up for my principles at the end.” I did what was right by standing firm. “I stood up for the children.”

Similar legislation was debated by Wyoming lawmakers earlier this year; it would have outlawed gender affirming therapy on kids. An individual known as “Chloe’s Law” was honored for her work in the field by its name. Any kind of transgender medical treatment for minors is outright forbidden by the measure. Some examples of these methods include surgical genital severing, medications that prevent puberty, and cross-sex hormone therapy.

To rally support for Chloe’s Law, Dr. Cubin emailed every senator and state representative in February. Interventions in adult healthcare are not something he is against.

According to Cubin’s piece in The Daily, “the evidence about gender affirming healthcare is everywhere.” There is a lot of political spin on the data presented by both camps, which makes it hard to tell the truth.

It seemed like the Wyoming legislature was in Cubin’s camp. With no resistance, the bill cleared both the Wyoming House and Senate, and in March, Governor Gordon signed it into law. The Daily reports that in March, Gordon reluctantly signed the bill into law.

He pointed out: “I signed the bill because I am in favor of child protection.” At the time, I thought the government was meddling in people’s personal lives.

Gov. Gordon was likewise enraged by Cubin’s email over Chloe’s Law. On behalf of the Medical Board, Gordon asserted that it was biased.

Gordon said that some may have taken Dr. Cubin’s email as speaking for the Wyoming Medical Society, despite the fact that WMS leadership was strongly against Chloe’s Law. It was Kris Schamber’s suggestion that doctors and kids should make decisions about transsexual treatment.

A critical email was sent by Cubin to WMS. Cubin criticized WMS in the email.

As a result of Cubin’s political activism, Governor Gordon informed him in a letter dated April 22 that he would “remove Cubin” from his Board of Medicine. Instead of waiting for his dismissal, Cubin stepped down.

According to Cubin, he has finally accepted his acts and their outcomes. I never wavered from doing the right thing because I held firm in my beliefs.”I stood up for the Wyoming children.”