More than 50,000 Americans sign petition to remove Nancy Pelosi over Incompetence


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Nancy pelosi could be kicked out of office over Incompetence as over 50,000 Americans team to sign petition to remove her

Nancy pelosi Petition
Nancy pelosi

Incompetence! Incompetence!! Is all that ring in the minds of most people when there hear the name Nancy pelosi,she’s that politician who has failed in all area’s except travel,drinking and of course chasing shadows.

Pelosi the congresswoman who have to be the house speaker, have launched an unnecessary,pitiful war on the office of the POTUS instead of focusing on delivering to the capacity expected by the people who put her there.

AG Bill Bar Burns With Fury,Set Corrupt Democrats On The Run With His Latest Move

Her embarrassing Alcohol addiction has cost taxpayers a huge price,last year it was estimated she spent close to $113,30,000 on drinks.

To her continually failing attempts to stall the president,the only thing she’s won in life is the heart of corrupt Democrats who have used her to fuel a a bizzare agenda,along with her stooge churk Schumer alot of the efforts by the Trump administration to control the border crisis have been sabotaged.

Americans are tired of her and want her removed from office by the means of petition,over a 50,000 signatures are needed for this to be taken into hearing by appropriate quarters.

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  1. I’m all in for that take that stupid demwit bitch out & toss her out on her fat ass far as I’m concerned out of our country for good & no visits back hear ever!!! & the whole flock of the demwits rat’s nest every one of them basterds that is my answer to this put my name down for taking her off as speaker of the house in the Pipe Line bussiness she is what we call a fluster fuck. a total mess

  2. on my comments above i have an email address only. a website i do not have i just want President Trump to know his got my full support & I’ll always stand up for him i don’t give a hoot what any else says if they don’t like it here they can get a U.S. pass port & move out of this country. this Country has grown greater sense President Trump had took a hold of the ranges & took us in the right direction. I’m sorry I’ve not been able to donate my finances & budget has been very tight i pray President Trump will understand thanks for your time. (Trump 2020) his got my vote that i can promise.

  3. This country would benefit greatly by the impeachment of N. Pelosi and
    what a blessing to not hear her speak anymore.

  4. She admitted wanting President Trump removed from office for the past 2 1/2 yrs. Nothing like sticking your foot in your mouth. First President Trump will be vindicated then they should go after the Clinton campaign members ECT and Charge those with the very Chromed they are accusing President Trump of
    Do you really think the Amercican Citizens are that naive and stupid. Think again. You and you Clan are really digging your own ditch. How shameful. How wasteful. You could have trying to work with the President. We all humans are a work in progress including the President but he deserves props for trying to better our country internally and internationally. Unfortunately without any help from your party. Lets just think about what Patriotism really means. How can any of yous sleep at night and look yourselves in the mirror. I didn’t even vote for President Trump because I viewed the office as representing our country and yes he’s rough around the edges but you could have been a tool of discrete correction and possible helped President Trump grow in grace but you did the exact destructive opposite. So shame on you and am greatful for President Trumps tenacity which in spite of your attacks has seemed to get so much he promised done in his short time in office. The disgrace belongs to you and your twisted lies as well as all the following sheep in your party. God help you and just as a side note: maybe your daily prayer should include repentance and asking for forgiveness. Just saying!!!

  5. It would do very good to re-instate the rules and laws of impeachment from the constitution and maybe the constitution as well but hey ,also the Adams and the pelosi and all who fallow them ,like Obama,Hillary and the policing agencies that were involved in this whole mess and maybe going back to the bushes and 911 we the people have good cemented ideas as to has done what and all of that should be exposed just to confirm what we already know as for the media ,they also should be made responsible for the lies they create to help this domestic enemies we have in our country and government ,mind you this is a good example that when the president said he would clean out house of the corruption in our government ,did you notice how fast the geared up with lawyers as if to say ho shit he won we need protection they said o ,no,no lets impeach him and bingo ,by their own doing they exposed themselves to be the corrupted ones and Trump didn’t even have to go looking for then ,one by one they showed themselves to him ,now we began to see the truth and now we are coming over to the side of the republicans because they seem to have the real democrats ideas not this new democrat/socialist ,thing to try to infiltrate, convince, and change our minds to believe in a twisted ,resistance to over throw the GOV,and to take down the president and their continue misleading lies is just making us stronger to defeat this domestic enemies of the republic

  6. You supported, advocated for this impeachment then run out of town!!! As a long committed to justice for all I voted democrat since the Kennedy administration I discover daily that newly elected democrats are just takers and have no independent thoughts but just follow the swamp. I can no longer be a Democrat today and into the future. I really thought Obama was going to perform as, what Trump is actually doing…. The most recent, (last 3 years) elected Democrats are embarrassing to me and others as we watch the downfall of a party of America’s decline and simply common sense for prosperity is put into place… Now, I’ll sit back and watch what I’ve been waiting for years to take growth and for a real future for my kids and grandkids.

  7. Pelosi, is surely not in control she has lost control of not only the HOUSE but she lost control of her drinking. She can not even answer the most easy of questions without slurring her words. Sadly I’m not sure the DEMOCRAT have a sane person within them they have all become UN-Americans who have destroyed the constitution and the rule of law we the people watch it on fold on TV there attempt to OVER throw the president, they attacked Barr, Durham and even Mike PENCE seems they are really scared about the crimes they have committed being UN-covered. These people are not just hate filled and corrupt they are pure EVIL!

  8. good news we can throw her and her radical leftists out in less than a year. bad news, we have to endure their treason for almost another year, then we get to see all their mindless goose stepping moronic useful idiot wastes of good sperm cell sheep bitch about how they got their asses kicked.

    no really I think the bigger problem is going to be post Nov 2020, once Trump wins again and the house is flipped, the left is going to go into the next phase of their Marxist “revolution”. if you don’t know what that means pick up a history book real quick. beans and bullets people.

  9. I am a loyal supporter of my President Donald J. Trump and this impeachment is a sham and an abuse of power by the Democrats in their attempt to remove Trump who is innocent through committing HIGH TREASON against him!!!! I want Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and all the coconspirators including Chuck Schumer, and Diane Feinstein removed from office and charged with high crimes of Treason for what they have done!!!!!

  10. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff & Jerry Nadler should all be brought up on charges of Treason against the United States and be sentenced to life in prison. This country used to do worse than that to traitors in our history in order to keep our country free.

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