Patrick Byrne, Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone Announce New Election Integrity Initiative In Orlando


    The America Project (TAP) announced a program to train volunteers for elections in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania on February 25. Operation Eagles Wings is the name of the initiative and was initiated by Patrick Byrne (CEO). It has received $8 million total funding. This includes extensive national fundraising as well as funding from Byrne.

    Patrick Byrne, founder of TAP, stated that Operation Eagles Wings would train election reform activists in all aspects of grassroots training, fundraising and canvassing. Operation Eagles Wings will prepare and distribute commentary on current election policies. This will allow Americans to understand the strengths and weaknesses in the laws that are currently in place.

    At a Friday press conference, Patrick Byrne, ex-CEO of, and Michael Flynn (retired Lt. General), spoke. They spoke at a Friday press conference and noted their early successes. Flynn, who is also ex-CEO of, also mentioned that they had organized 4,500 volunteers to monitor the polling stations for the Nov. 2021 election. The governor’s race was won by Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who shocked the heavily favored Democrat.

    Roger Stone, Senior Advisor stated that if he did not believe this was possible, he would not have taken part in the press conference

    Byrne released a statement saying:

    Our goal not only is to give proper training to Americans who want there to be no errors in 2020’s elections but also to teach them how manage volunteers and raise money in a way that each state can become financially self-sustaining.

    TAP president Joe Flynn is also the brother to the general. He stated that they want to promote Operation Eagles Wings to ensure nonpartisan election integrity.

    Flynn attacked the political party system, saying that they were too focused on their base voters. This is about leaving millions of votes, if any, on the board.

    Flynn believes that even in hostile media environments, their message will only be as strong as those on the ground. Flynn has witnessed enough volunteers getting involved to spread the word, despite Big Tech closing out corporate media.

    Flynn pointed out that TAP had supported legal challenges to electoral results in many states. TAP could also be involved in further judicial challenges.