Pelosi to Italy if GOP Wins House Majority in Midterms?


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, like Hillary Clinton, never fails to amaze and/or amuse both her adversaries and colleagues. Pelosi, 82, is a controversial figure who refuses to leave the stage or fade into the sunset, much like Hillary (Meemaw meaning “affectionately”)

Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be awful to see the gasbag go?

Fox Business has been told by well-placed sources that Madam Speaker is already choosing her next job if the House Republicans win the majority in November midterms. However, I doubt that the “red wave”, as some keyboard warriors believe, will happen.

The first time I read the report, I laughed out loud and simultaneously shook my head in dismay. We’ve all seen that Pelosi’s hypocrisy is unbridled. It begins with the Speaker, a staunch supporter of abortion. She also supports on-demand abortions until birth. This she calls “sacred ground”.


Pelosi asks Biden to nominate Madam Speaker for the U.S. ambassador position to Italy. This is a post she holds dearly. So, Ambassador to Italy? Pelosi does a great job. Not made in heaven.

The plot thickens.

Biden has failed to nominate an Italian ambassador since Trump took the presidency. Fox Business sources said that Pelosi is also open to the position.

The U.S. Constitution allows the Senate to confirm ambassadorships. This would make Pelosi’s confirmation doubtful at best if the GOP gains majority control of the Senate. My view is that the reaction would be mixed. Pelosi might be able to leave the country if she is allowed to remain in her ambassadorship, which is largely ceremonial.

Presidents have historically bestowed ambassador positions in desirable locations to people, in or outside of government, who helped propel them into the White House or supported their presidencies. These include political operatives or wealthy donors.

Isn’t that something? Biden would be able to get two for one with Nancy and Paul Pelosi.