Pelosi’s ‘Scared Puppy’ Remark Says More About Her Than Trump


Nancy Pelosi rushed to comment on Donald Trump’s recent arrest in relation to the events of January 6, as everyone else did.

The 83-year-old San Francisco progressive made an appearance in the comfortable confines of MSNBC, alongside Andrea Mitchell, who is one of the most prominent left-wing partisans within the industry. The two were practically giddy as they discussed the indictment. Pelosi could not resist giving a rhetorical triumphant lap.

In one of her comments, she referred to Trump as a “scared pup.”

Pelosi told Andrea Mitchell in an MSNBC interview that she saw Trump’s fear on his face when he came out of his vehicle. Pelosi said that Trump appeared “very, very, concerned” about his fate. She added that she didn’t see “bravado, confidence, or anything like this” in Trump.

They certainly seem to be treating the situation, despite all of the Democrats’ claims that Trump’s prosecution is about justice and not about political revenge. It’s likely because they see it as petty political revenge.

Democrats are not bothered by the question of whether Trump has committed crimes that can be proven. They are upset that Trump won the 2016 elections when he was not supposed to. This has always been the case. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t really care about legalities. She is concerned with getting revenge on those who have defied her.

It’s evident in her rhetoric. Pelosi does not want justice. She wants to embarrass Trump and this makes the prosecutions seem politically motivated. Trump gave an interview after his arraignment on the tarmac where he expressed confidence in his future. Pelosi saw only what she wanted to, and not what actually happened. Andrea Mitchell is the perfect person to share these fantasies with, as she will nod and throw softballs.

Pelosi also made a comment that was more profound than she knew.

She continued, “He knows that the truth is he lost his election.” “And now, he has to face the consequences.”

She can’t stop herself. Donald Trump has not been charged with “losing the election.” Although I am not a lawyer I am fairly sure that this is not a crime. Pelosi probably hasn’t even read the indictment regarding January 6, as weak as it may be on its own merits. She is only interested in making Trump suffer because he did not submit to her will. It’s not about the rule of law.

The Democrats had the chance to present themselves at least as serious people. No matter which side you are on, the prosecution and trial of a former President is always a sad moment for a president. They want cameras in the courtroom instead to maximize political damage and call Trump a “scared pup.” It’s so transparent.