Pence’s Energy Ad Backfires in Spectacular Fashion


The media and most of the eyes in the Political World are focused on Donald Trump. With the three indictments that have been handed down in the last five months, as well as the questions surrounding them all, it has been difficult for other GOP presidential candidates in 2024, outside of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to get much attention.

Mike Pence, the former Indiana governor, and Trump’s Vice President, released an energy plan on Tuesday in response to the sharp rise in gas prices and the increasing energy dependency that occurred under the watch of Joe Biden.

The energy plan page of Pence’s website stated that “in order to win in the future, America needs to have the ability to power our economy independently and to lead the way for energy around the world.”

The article also stated that “President Pence will ensure America is leading the world once again by lifting artificial government regulations, ending preferential policies, and encouraging private energy production in every type of American energy.”

The plan was released along with a 60-second advertisement Pence produced. In it, he reminded the voters of how the price of gasoline had skyrocketed since he and Trump were out of office in January 2020. According to the AAA gas checker, the price of gas averaged $3.84/gallon as of Tuesday.

It looks at first like Pence is just pumping gas into his truck, like any other person.

You’ll see that a few things have changed. Pence doesn’t select a fuel type. Second, his finger doesn’t grip the lever to pump gas. The man also doesn’t pay for gas because he has no credit card or debit card in his sight.

Pat Gray, a political commentator, noticed the beeping noise in the background. She alerted Pence to what he had forgotten to do.

Gray pointed out that the beeping noise you hear is actually the sound of selecting the fuel grade.

Another joked that Pence, in his opinion, was a “psycho”, who “cannot be trusted” because he didn’t have a bed liner in his truck.

Then there was the meme:

Was this ad, in all seriousness, a moment that disqualified Mike Pence from running for president? No, of course not.

It is a timely reminder to politicians of all stripes to refrain from releasing heavily produced campaign videos that show them looking like anything other than average Americans.