Pentagon Denies D.C. Mayor Bowser’s Request for Help With Illegals Again


Muriel Bowser, Washington, D.C. Mayor, doesn’t like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gives Muriel Bowser a glimpse of the daily struggles that smaller Texas cities and towns face every day by exposing her hypocrisy regarding illegal aliens. Abbott busted about 7,000 illegal aliens released by the Biden administration into the U.S. interior to Washington, D.C. Another 900 were bused to New York City by Abbott.

Bowser and Eric Adams, the New York City Mayor, are blaming Abbott for the “crisis.” Bowser has been asking for the National Guard to assist with illegals being bused into her city for the past four months.

Bowser resubmitted her request after the Pentagon denied it. This request was also denied. It is obvious that the requests for the Guard and the screams about the city being overrun by illegal aliens are liberal theater. Washington is five times bigger than McAllen in Texas, where the Biden administration drops off thousands of illegal immigrants every day. Bowser’s city can handle the influx.

Fox News:

Abbott stated Friday that before we started busing migrants to New York from Texas, Arizona was the only one that suffered the worst of the chaos and problems associated with it. “Now, the rest can see exactly what’s happening.”

Bowser called Monday’s busing of migrants a “politically motivated stunt.”

Bowser tweeted, “We struggle to fix the broken immigration system in our nation. We know that cities alone can’t fix it.” “We will continue to work with federal partners as well as local NGOs to find the best way to create systems that can manage an ongoing humanitarian emergency.”

Bowser’s strategy is very simple. She wants Uncle Joe to stop sending illegals into her city. She believes that if she whines enough and weeps enough, the president will take action.

The Pentagon also cited the contributions of several civilian and non-governmental groups to illegal immigration. Bowser’s request to the Guard was political gamesmanship. The Pentagon didn’t agree.

One time. Bowser attempted to claim that illegals were being “tricked into” coming to D.C. Bowser stopped lying when it became obvious that illegals wanted to travel east to be closer to family.

Washington, D.C. shelters are likely to be overcrowded, but Bowser might reach out to McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos to get advice. This problem has been a problem for many years.