Petition Launches Supporting Policy Allowing Biological Males to Apply to an Elite All-Girls School


Many people signed a petition to support the controversial school policy. It allows anyone who identifies as female to apply for the elite all-girls school.

Harpeth Hall in Nashville, Tenn. sent parents an email last week to announce a new “Gender Diversity Philosophy”, which gives “any student who identifies as a girl” the chance to apply to the school.

The school ended the policy on Thursday after backlash from the community. Parents, alumnae, and donors contacted the Board of Trustees to request the resignation of all those involved in the implementation of this policy.

The petition to support this policy states that “We, Harpeth Hall alumni and parents, support Harpeth Hall’s vision of a nurturing and inclusive environment for all girls.”

“It is our belief, that trans students and students of other genders should have equal access to CIS. This includes the freedom to choose a school, according to the letter.

Also, it was mentioned that transgender girls have not applied to the school. The initial philosophy “arose from existing HH students thinking or using they/them pronouns. We wanted to understand if there were any ramifications to that decision.”

Harpeth Hall Board of Trustees received another petition. The petition received over 1000 signatures. It requested a “live, open-forum town hall” where all school administrators, committee members, and board members are involved in the creation and adoption of this policy.

More than 760 people had signed the petition to support the “Gender Diversity Philosophy” at the time of publication.

Harpeth Hall did not respond to our request for comment.