Planned Parenthood Calls for Court Packing and Term Limits to Stop Conservative Agenda


Planned Parenthood Federation of America said on Sunday that conservatives have “fully captured” the federal courts and have called for term limits and court-packing to stop the judges’ “dangerous agenda”.

PPFA released a press statement over the weekend announcing its “support for a variety of additional policies to improve our federal courts.”

The group said its proposed court reforms promoted an “equitable justice” which is “essential to maintaining the critical foundation of a democratic society.”

PPFA has called for the expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court in order to reflect the growth in the population and the increased diversity that the country has experienced since 1837 when the court was last expanded. The group did not specify the number of justices they believed should be on the bench.

The petition also claimed that the justices were serving longer terms than those of their predecessors, and asked for term limits to be implemented.

PPFA proposed imposing transparency and ethics requirements for SCOTUS. They argued that justices were not required to “follow a code of conduct” at present.

The group claimed that judges could be susceptible to external influences.

PPFA said that “justices can own and trade stocks and have poorly defined rules about accepting gifts.” “There are also no clear consequences to most unethical behaviors.”

Planned Parenthood also demanded that lower courts be staffed with additional judges.

The group also stated that “the federal judiciary has become increasingly overburdened, and there aren’t nearly enough judges to cope with the increasing U.S. caseload and population.”

PPFA also proposed that single-judge divisions be abolished, claiming this practice had allowed groups of interest to “pick and chose where to file their cases.”

The group stated that “interest groups can find judges who share their views – often judges whom they have helped confirm – and deliberately send them cases knowing they will rule against reproductive freedoms, gender equality, LGBTQ+ liberation and access to health care as well as civil liberties,” and they could do this by shopping for judges.

Alexis McGill Johnson, the president and CEO at PPFA and former Biden Administration press secretary Jen Psaki told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki on Sunday that conservatives have “completely taken over” federal courts.

McGill Johnson said that the fight to strengthen democracy and our institutions were always intertwined with the fight for reproductive rights. As we continue to be attacked on our fundamental freedoms, the courts are a vital backstop in protecting our rights. The courts are being used to promote a dangerous agenda that is against voting rights, LGBTQ+, abortion rights, and more.

She added, “Planned Parenthood does not accept that our court system can continue to function as it is today.” “We understand that reforms are essential to building public trust that courts will uphold freedoms won and advance justice in the future.”