Police AWOL As Violence Erupts at UCLA’s Pro-Hamas Encampment


On Tuesday morning, we brought you the story about a Jewish mother who asked UCLA police to help her son who was being prevented from going to class because Hamas sympathizers had taken over part of the central campus. The mother was told by UCLA PD that they would not interfere with “protesters”. There had been some violence at that time, but by Tuesday afternoon UCLA administrators had declared the camp “unlawful.” They also said that antisemitic acts of certain participants would not tolerated.

The LAPD was expected to tear the camp down as early as tonight and there were expected to be fights between police and protesters.

The violence began when professional agitators flooded onto the campus, and fired fireworks at the encampment.

By 11 pm, the private security officers had abandoned their posts and UCLA PD was nowhere to be seen.

Cabassa reported just after midnight Pacific that law enforcement was still absent.

Marla Tellez, Fox LA’s reporter in Los Angeles, announced around 12:15 AM Pacific that UCLA PD had requested mutual assistance from LAPD. As of 12:45 PM Pacific, neither UCLA PD nor LAPD was on the scene. Private security officers were observing from a staircase.