Pope Urges Ukraine to Embrace ‘Courage’ of the White Flag to Negotiate


Anyone who advises Pope Francis about what is happening in the World should shut up and sit down.

Francis got his nose bitten by the Ukraine war after he stepped in. His Holiness, thinking he was a peacemaker, advised Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy. After a few minor setbacks, Ukraine should surrender to Russia

According to the New York Times, Francis was asked in an interview by Swiss public television if he believed that “in Ukraine, there was a need to surrender, the white flag, in this case.”

Francis replied by saying that the fear of encouraging aggressive behavior was “one interpretation” and it is true. I think the strongest person is the one who sees the situation and considers the people. They also dare to negotiate and raise the white flag.

“The word negotiates” is a brave word. Francis said that when you feel defeated and that things aren’t going well, it is important to have the courage to negotiate.

Francis has a very funny definition of “courage”.

The Vatican immediately began damage control. The interview recorded last month will not be broadcast until later in the month.

Matteo Bruni clarified immediately that the pope was referring to “cease-fire” and “negotiation,” not surrender when he used the white flag as a symbol of giving up.

The pope’s words, and those he said during the interview, have shown how the Vatican’s position has frequently baffled Ukrainian officials and supporters who are trying to understand it.

Many Ukrainians were frustrated with Francis early in the war for refusing to name Russia and its President, Vladimir V. Putin as the aggressors in the conflict.

“One might feel ashamed, but how many people will die in the war? Francis stated that “(One should) find a country who can act as a mediator, and negotiate at the right time,” mentioning Turkey as one of those countries that offered to be a facilitator.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, offered to host a summit of peace between Ukraine and Russia. Zelenskiy flatly refused, knowing that Putin still demands Ukraine’s territory in any peace deal.

Francis said, “Don’t be ashamed to negotiate before things worsen.” He has previously referred to “martyred Ukraine”, but has never directly criticized Russia for its invasion.

Zelenskiy may, indeed. At some point, the conflict may be resolved. It will come from a strong position, not one of weakness. Russia has achieved a few small tactical victories but at a terrible cost to lives. Ukraine has been hunkered in, hoping for American aid to arrive soon.

The pope’s advice on surrender is counterproductive to peace. By advising surrender, the pope becomes irrelevant and may even be an obstacle to peace.