Post-Roe Florida Follows Its Laws, Yet the Death Merchants Still Have Conniption Fits


Florida prepared its laws for dealing with the post-Roe world like other red states. The laws were tested in the case of a Florida ward, 16 years old, who is seeking an abortion and is pregnant.

From NBC News:

A Florida appeals court ruled that a 16-year-old girl from Florida was not mature enough to make a decision regarding terminating her pregnancy. A mother-to-be in Florida may have to give birth

Jane Doe 22B is her name in court papers. She appealed against Circuit Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz’s Aug. 10 ruling that prohibited her from having an abortion without consenting with a parent or guardian, as required by Florida law.

Court papers indicate that the teenager was 10 weeks pregnant at the time.

Frydrychowicz was sided by the three-judge panel of northern Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal on Monday.

Judges Harvey Jay & Rachel Nordby ruled the teenager had not demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence her maturity was enough to make a decision regarding whether or not she wanted to end her pregnancy.

Death merchants and their comrades are making a lot of noise and weeping.

Newsflash: Roe V. Wade was overturned in a Dobbs Supreme Court decision. This decision removed lawmaking about abortion from the federal government and placed it back in the hands of the states. However, Florida has.

Florida voters approved an amendment to the Florida constitution in 2004 that required parents or guardians to be notified of minors who had an abortion.

Some minors may be subject to abuse if their parents find out they are pregnant. Florida legislators provided a legal procedure to enable them to get around the rules.

In June 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis, also a Republican signed SB 404. To have an abortion, minors must obtain parental consent or legal guardianship.

According to the same NBC News article Jane Doe 22, B is a ward and has been named a legal guardian.

Judge Scott Makar said that the teenager told her “guardian” that she is happy with what she wanted.

Why can’t the appointed guardian just write a confirmation letter? Florida law states that Jane Doe 22B only needs to send a letter to confirm that she wishes to have the abortion that she desires.

Scott Makar is the only judge not on the First District Court of Appeals judges panel.

Scott Makar states. We have reviewed the records and affirm the trial judge’s decision under deferential Standard Appellate Review (in accordance with the law).

Makar however disagreed with the judges and suggested that the appeals court refer the case Frydrychowicz for further consideration.

Makar stated that the trial judge seemed to view this case as a tight call. Finding the minor credible, open, and non-exclusive with the judge was a key factor in Makar’s submission. The trial judge must have believed that the minor, who was 10 weeks pregnant at the time, would likely return to court within the time limit. This was to remove any doubts that the trial court might still have.

Makar noted that the teenager’s “parentless”, has been living with a relative, but has also been appointed guardian.

Why does Jane Doe 22B not have her guardian sign a letter authorizing Jane Doe to have an abortion? This is why no one in the legacy media has asked the question or tried to answer it.

The Miami Herald has a bit more information, but it is as ignorant as NBC News regarding Jane Doe 22B’s mental condition and the factors that might have led to her asking for a reversal of Judge Frydrychowicz’s decision.

Jane is 17 years of age and all records are sealed. Jane is also pursuing a GED and is participating in a program for young women who have experienced trauma in their lives. This program provides educational support and counseling. Jane also said that she was grieving the death of a friend.

This shows a more complex web than legacy media. Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz and Jane Doe 22B are the only people who understand the reasons behind this decision.

The First District Court panel’s decision clearly stated that any judicial decision to be overturned must be based upon Judge Frydrychowicz abusing her discretionary power, and not evidence.

The trial court found that the Appellant had not presented any nonadversarial evidence to support her claim. It cannot be solely based on the weight and evidence presented to the circuit court. The proceeding is not adversarial

Frydrychowicz won unanimously by the panel. Panel judges stated:

Section 390.01114 allows for a remand to the trial court with instructions regarding a second ruling. However, we don’t believe such a move is necessary in this case.

Judge Makar filed partial dissension asking for the remand to be considered.

In a separate opinion, Judge Scott Makar stated that it seemed that the trial court wanted to give the minor more time to learn the consequences of ending a child’s pregnancy. This is understandable considering she originally stated that she was open to children but changed her mind when she realized that she is unable or unable to care. Makar agreed.

Jane Doe 22B first expressed interest in having a child with Frydrychowicz. Jane Doe 22B, first indicated to Frydrychowicz that she was open to the idea of having a child.

Makar also noted that in her petition, which “she completed by hand,” the teenager insisted “she is sufficiently mature to make the decision, saying she ‘is not ready to have a baby,’ she doesn’t have a job, she is ‘still in school,’ and the father is unable to assist her.”

Do remember the Ohio rape victim aged 10, who was taken across state lines to Indiana for an abortion? These were cases that death merchants and activists wanted to make a public statement on how horrible Roe was and how the Right wants women to be enslaved and burdened.

After extensive investigation, and questioning by PJ Media as well as other sites, it was discovered that the rapist of the 10-year-old was her mother’s illegal alien boyfriend for 27 years. This case was not in accordance with the Indiana abortion doctor’s report or legacy media outcry. The case was not related to the girl’s inability to get an abortion in Ohio.

What has happened to this little girl? How did her mother getaway? What about the rapper? When the narrative isn’t in line with the agenda, the Left and its complicit media allies quickly forget to remember.

Jane Doe 22B’s case is much more complex than the Left would have you believe. This backdoor attempt to undermine SB 404, the Florida Constitutional Amendment that protects parental rights and consent, as well as the right to life,

Of course, it’s Ron DeSantis’ fault.

Travis Reuther, spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party stated that “Thanks To Ron DeSantis Florida now forces teenagers to have children against their will.” ” “This is an appalling and dangerous overreach by the Governor, who claims Florida is a free country but wants to make women’s healthcare decisions. ”

Florida law. Travis. You can change it if you don’t agree with it.

NBC News reached Out to DeSantis to Seek a Response.

Even before Roe V. Wade was overturned by The Supreme Court, Florida’s abortion rights had been at risk. DeSantis signed into law in April a bill that prohibited abortions after 15 weeks gestation. This law is currently being challenged in court.

Jane Doe 22B seems to be still alive, considering that the court challenge to Florida’s 15-week abortion ban was denied. The case will be reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court.

The law was passed by the Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. The law was signed by Ron DeSantis in April. It prohibited abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy.

Advocates and pro-life advocates will closely monitor this case.

It’s amazing to me that the same people who shout that guns should not be in the hands of anyone under 21 are demanding that 16-year-olds have the right to abortion and that three-year-olds have access without parental consent to contraceptives.

Jane Doe 22 – B’s already difficult circumstances are made more difficult by her schizophrenic reasoning.