President Trump wins impeachment battle,if he would truly do this


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The President,Donald Trump said he had a “second call” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and hinted the possibility of releasing a new transcript of the conversation made.

“I had a call before this one with the president of Ukraine and I have no problem giving it to them”, Mr Trump told reporters before departing the White House on Friday morning, suggesting he would provide investigators with a transcript of the call in question.

What?? See why Trump’s life may be in danger,digged up tweets expose the Dems,Schiff’s original intention

Trump also said “no one knows about” the first phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart, which likely came at some point following Mr Zelensky’s election.

President Trump previously reported phone call with Ukraine has become the subject of a House-led impeachment inquiry after a whistleblower filed a complaint alleging the White House was withholding crucial military aid to the country while for investigations against one of Mr Trump’s 2020 political rivals, Joe Biden.

With the transcript out two things are likely to happen,it ends the witch hunt or the Dems set up a more devastating strategy to oust the President even if it costs America’s existence as a Democratic Nation.

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