Pressure Mounts for Ronna McDaniel to Drop out of RNC Race


Ronna McDaniel is being called upon to resign as chairwoman of the RNC. McDaniel is being asked to step down by Solomon Yue (Oregon) and Roger Villere (Lafayette), two members of the committee.

Villere wrote McDaniel urging her to keep her word and not run for reelection. Just the News:

Villere, the chairman of the Republican National Conservative Caucus(RNCC), said to Just the News that McDaniel had earlier informed RNC committee members during a meeting that her current terms would be her last. Last month, she publicly declared that she would seek another term.

Villere stated, “Here she’s running again, but we have had three losing election cycles in succession.” Let’s bring some fresh energy and win.

It is hard to understand why McDaniel feels empowered to continue in a leadership role after the Republicans’ poor showing in the midterms, and the failure to deliver in the Georgia Senate race-off. RedState’s Bonchie wrote some thoughts yesterday about this. My colleague said, “Every time McDaniel makes public appearances, she makes her case for her own ouster. No amount of gaslighting or shaming can change the fact that the record is as it is. People are suffering because she hasn’t overseen a successful campaign since her election to power.”

RNC committee Yue talked about his unique perspective as an immigrant to Just the News:

Yue said, “I was born in communist China and survived Mao’s Cultural Revolution. I found freedom in America.” “I have been concerned about the viability of this Republic since 2020’s loss of the White House.” “Biden’s Cancel Cultural Revolution has been seen everywhere in America.”

Yue stated that he is losing confidence in McDaniel’s leadership based on her past performance and that if the “RNC fails the White House win in 2024,” this will be America’s loss.

We have been informed by sources close to several RNC committee members that the number listed as supporting McDaniel is incorrect. Vallere confirms this claim, pointing out that grassroots Republicans he has spoken to want a change at the top, especially after Tuesday’s loss in Georgia by Herschel Walker.

Lee Zeldin declined to run for RNC Chair, claiming McDaniel rigged the election. However, Harmeet and Mike Lindell are still vying for the position. Dhillon’s candidacy is gaining momentum fast after she received the endorsement from Laura Ingraham, a conservative media heavyweight. Ingraham stated that it was time to search for new leadership to revitalize the RNC and allow the party to move forward to victory after victory in 2024. That would require Harmeet Dhillon to be our next guest.

Establishment Republicans are facing stiff competition from the more conservative and action-oriented wing in the RNC race. Kevin McCarthy, who was widely believed to be a strong candidate for Speaker of the House in January’s Republican takeover, currently doesn’t have the votes necessary to win. This is a turning point for the party, and the results from these races will reveal which direction it plans to go.

In Dana Point, California, the next RNC chairman is scheduled to be elected in January.